Best Software and Websites to Streamline Staff Payments


Did you know that 82 million employees in the United States are affected by payroll problems? We put together this guide to help you see the different software options you have when it comes to managing your employees. After you learn about your options you can choose the best software for you and your needs.

Keep reading to get familiar with some great software options available.


This software program is a great option because it covers all the aspects you need for HR. It is also a cloud-based program which means you can pull it up from anywhere you might be. You can manage employee wages, time tracking, full-service payroll including a paycheck stub creator, and help with compliance within the company.

If you are looking for something well rounded and not simply for payroll then this might be the best option for you. The program was made to cater to every aspect of human resources and to help retain the best employees within the organization.


If you are looking for something that won’t break the bank and that is easy to use then Workable might be best. This is a cross-platform solution that will allow you to keep track of future candidates efficiently and in a simple way.

You have the ability to set up a careers page as well as offer the latest jobs as they become available. This makes it easier to manage the hiring process and keep potential hires organized and in order.


This option will give you a human resource software choice that is very focused on the hiring process and keeping track of the applicants. If recruiting right now feels like a bad dream and overwhelming then bullhorn can really help streamline all of those recruiter tasks.

A pro about bullhorn is that it integrates with LinkedIn, Gmail, and Outlook giving you control from one place instead of having to navigate multiple programs.


There are many companies that use this software including reputable businesses such as SoundCloud and ZipRecruiter. BambooHR works to automate lots of processes to free up your time and allow you to focus on more important work.

This software has tracking for training, the ability to collect e-signatures to help replace old school paper-based systems, performance tools, time-off management, and makes it easy to view reports. A major pro is that there is a mobile app that you can install on your phone that allows you to stay on top of everything even if you are not in the office.

Ready to Choose the Best Software for Your Business?

We hope that now you can make an informed decision when you are looking at your software options. We understand that trying to choose the best software out there is not always an easy task because it can become confusing and overwhelming quite quickly.

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