Build a Perfect PPC Team, Get Valuable Traffic to Your Website Landing Pages


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is the most popular way of digital marketing that allows a business to highlight its products and services through a compelling ad copy on the search engine regardless of its natural page rank of the site. The business owner or the advertiser simply needs to pay a fee to the search engine or publisher, each time an online visitor clicks the ad.

What makes a PPC campaign so popular is it’s providing quick results in terms of increased online traffic that boosts conversions, profits and enhances brand promotion. A compelling ad copy created by a PPC team is likely to increase the click through rates that will expand the clients’ base and make more and more people aware of the brand.

Creating a landing page is crucial to the success of your PPC campaign. A landing page is a webpage that an online visitor lands on or arrives at when he or she clicks on an online advertisement. This page provides the relevant information to the visitor or persuades him or her to take the next step and complete the conversion.

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When it comes to getting increased traffic to your landing pages then experts of a white label PPC team suggest following these techniques that are bound to give you the best results:-

#1. Include Call to Action on Your Home Page
A call to action is a marketing message that prompts an online visitor to complete the action like click on the link, make a call, sign up a contact form and thus make an immediate purchase or get the nearest to conversion. Adding a contact form to an already busy home page may not be a bright idea. You can include a call to action or a link that points to the best offer that will drive more people to your site and will boost sales and promotion.

#2. Call to Action on Blogs and Popular Pages
Articles and blogs are important for the ranking of your web pages that determine your online visibility. Besides this, these content pieces are shared on social media sites that enhance the brand awareness and helps site owners get increased traffic to your landing page.

#3. Face book Landing Pages
With the increasing popularity of social media especially Face book and YouTube, presenting your best offer on these sites can be quite rewarding. However, you should keep in mind that your clients are likely to convert when they are led to a transactional landing page that captures the lead rather than your site’s home page.

#4. Monitor PPC campaign progress
Keeping an eye on the progress is important when you have experts working under you to achieve your business targets. Though building a perfect PPC campaign needs everyone to work as a team, achieving targets as individual members too is essential to deliver a fruitful PPC campaign. This requires keen monitoring of the tasks that each PPC expert in the team performs.

#5. Forging Strong Relationship with the Existing Leads
You can send personalized messages to your existing leads, tailored as per the specific interests of your leads. This will enable you to strengthen your relationship with the leads and enhance credibility. When your clients feel valued and respected from the way you treat them then they may get ready soon to close the deal.

You should also send a thank you note or get your clients to a thank you page once they complete the offer and suggest one other related offer that the person may be interested in it.

#6. Develop Compelling Calls to Action
If you do not have a team of in-house PPC experts, you can outsource PPC services to an offshore white label PPC agency. They will help you make the most of your calls to action on your blog, emails, and social media by developing landing pages that are compelling in their content and design. This will give you stellar results.

Final Words
Availing white label PPC services from a team of experienced AdWords professionals would drive maximum traffic to your site and help you make the most of your paid search campaign. As PPC experts would take into account various factors and are well aware of the pitfalls of paid campaigns, hence, they would deliver you the best results at a competitive price.


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