7 Amazing Tips: How To Polish Your Dissertation


A big day is almost there! You are one step away from your degree. Your dissertation is almost ready, and you are just waiting when the time comes to show it to the commission board. But do not be in a hurry. Use this time wisely, as you can do more with your paper and make it even better.

Writing a dissertation is only a part of the job. You need to polish it in such a way to make it shine. Only in this way, you will be able to prevent stupid mistakes and fix inaccuracy that may have occurred in your writing. Nevertheless, you need to have some plan on how to do that. Here, we want to make an overview of 7 tips that will help you understand what you should do now to get the first-grade dissertation. We have tried all these tips on practice, and we know that they really work!

Have a break. And then return to the paper

One of the most valuable dissertation writing tips is to proofread your paper after is has been written. In fact, it is always better to proofread it at least a couple of times. For the first time, it is better to do that immediately to find the mistakes that you did not notice when you have been writing it. However, it will not be enough. Give yourself some time to have a rest from your writing, and then proofread it once again. It is better to do that in a couple of weeks. Thus, you will be able to forget all the details and look at it with fresh eyes.

Of course, it will be always better to make use of the professional services, as in this way you will be able to ensure the great quality of your writing. Besides, when someone else checks your dissertation, there are chances that they will notice some logical mistakes so that you can get rid of them.

Check the structure

You have already known that a good piece of writing must consist of the introduction, main body, and conclusion. However, this is not everything when we talk about the structure of dissertation.

First of all, check whether your introduction really covers the questions you raise in your dissertation. Frequently, we write this part at the very beginning when we have only a surface idea of what we are going to write further. Thus, if your dissertation does not correlate with the main body, you will lose the points.

Next, make sure that you preserved the progression of the ideas in the main body. They need to be logically connected. Besides, each idea needs to be explained separately, and if you mix them, the structure of your paper is lost.

The next point is to ensure that the conclusion correlates with the main body and the introductory part. Here, you need to talk about the results and how exactly the methods that you’ve used in your research helped you get certain results.

Be consistent

The way you treat your writing is important. Make sure that you do not mix styles and keep the same approach to writing certain things throughout your essay. For example, check how you use capitalizing in headers. If you cannot define why some paragraphs have capitalized a letter, and other don’t, you need to fix that. The same is with using bold and italics. If you have decided to emphasize your thoughts with bold, make sure that you do that all the time. Besides, this must also correlate with the rules of formatting.

Format your paper properly

There are several commonly accepted formats for the dissertations. The rules are rather strict there, and they cover all the aspects of how the text should look. For example, the font that you must use and how the references should appear in your paper. We would recommend you to check the dissertation at least twice for formatting as this is one of the most important aspects of getting a better grade and impressing the commission board.

Improve your spelling

There’s nothing worse than mistakes made in the dissertation paper. How you write is not less important than what you write. If you have noticed that you have problems with grammar and punctuation, the best way to fix this here and now is to order special services. Of course, you can try to fix the mistakes on your own, but if you are not able to notice them, there will be nothing to fix. Thus, a professional editor will help you improve the quality of your writing and will correct all the mistakes you’ve made.

Usage of abbreviations

Writing a dissertation paper, you definitely use a huge number of abbreviations and acronyms. This is a common practice, though. Still, you should never leave them unexplained. It will be better not to explain them immediately when they appear in the text, but to provide a list of acronyms and abbreviations. In this way, a reader will be able to check the meaning whenever he wants, and no additional questions will appear.

Plagiarism checking

The war on plagiarism leaves no one apart. If you have decided to get a degree, you start to fight against copying materials as well. Your paper should never include stolen pieces of writing, no matter how good they are. Moreover, even the deeper rewrite of the ideas is considered to be plagiarism, as modern checkers have been created in such a way, to be able to recognize such cheating.

Of course, the quotations and citations have a slightly different approach. When you quote someone in your paper, you add this to the reference list. Advanced plagiarism checkers understand different formatting styles and recognize the quotations if you format them properly.

It’s always better to use paid checkers to define plagiarism in your works. The matter is they have broader access to different files and can check even those kept in protected directories. Besides, the commission board will more likely to check it with paid checkers, thus you will get the same results.

Polishing your paper is crucially important for everyone who wants to get a better grade and demonstrate the high quality of work. You will definitely notice that your paper is far better than it’s been before after you apply at least a couple of tips that we’ve mentioned in our list. We hope that they will come in handy and in the soonest time, you will get your degree impressing everyone by the quality of your paper!


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