Boys’ room – inspire your child through room decoration


Raising a boy in the early 21st century is definitely not an easy task. What you need here is to combine something that will serve a didactic purpose, while at the same time being entertaining. On top of all this, if it could also enhance kids motor abilities all the better. However, it is still a room so it needs to bend to some décor rules and thus fulfill its aesthetic purpose. Because of this, making this boys room themed might be a great idea. Here are some tips and tricks of how to make all of this become reality.

Pirate room

One of the definitely most popular themes for a boy’s room is to disguise it as a pirate haven. This however, doesn’t have to be that hard. First thing that you will need is a huge map on the wall. For didactic purposes, it would be best that it is realistic map of the world.

oleplaying as a pirate captainIn this way, by role playing as a pirate captain, your kid will learn more about the geography than through school lesions. Intrinsic motivation was always the most effective one. As for the additional decoration, you can always make kid’s toy box look like a treasure chest. His imagination will do all the rest.

Superhero movie

Superhero movie

Even though some have disputed them for excessive use of violence, the truth is that by following a code of a superhero (Deadpool being exception), can teach your child quite a lot about ethics. This being said, Superman, Batman or better yet Spiderman themed bedroom is a perfect for your kid. First of all, a Spiderman themed room should have something to climb on, which can be perfectly good for your child’s health and motor skills development in general. However, you must ensure here that kid’s safety is in no way compromised.

Spider man
Another thing this theme is great for is encouraging your kid to read. Sure they might not be pieces of classical literature, but comic books they are fun enough to encourage your boy to start reading on his own. This alone is something that you simply cannot put a price tag on. Finally, as a final touch you can always enhance the room by adding some of your superhero’s favorite villains. If you are in doubt about the choice or want to surprise your kid, go for the newest Hot Toys and you can’t go wrong.

Army camp

Army camp

Now, some parents are appalled by anything militaristic when it comes to their beloved boy’s room, but there is no better way to encourage a discipline as a value than to make his room into an army camp. In this way, through roleplaying, you can teach your kid to make his own bed, get up early in the morning. As for the house chores, it is a lot more effective if they come from you as his commanding officer, than a nagging parent. Be as it may, this definitely has its advantages and it would be simply foolish to turn a blind eye on them.

child through room decoration

Making this design come to life is quite easy. First of all, you need to add as much camouflage as you possibly can. We are of course talking about wall color and bed sheets. Needless to say, toys play a crucial role here as well. As for the additional decoration, you can have several model planes hanging from the ceiling and in this way, turn your boy’s room into a genuine army base. Finally, every year on his birthday, you can promote your kid one rank and in this way, make this special occasion even more special.

As you can see, not only is making a perfect boy’s room not difficult, it is also an extremely fun thing to do. Your options, when it comes to themes, are numerous indeed and your main guideline in choosing the right one should mainly be based on your kid’s preferences. All you need to do is explore what each of these décors gives to your kid and what are its drawbacks (if there are any). This will ensure that you are always on the right path.


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