Bed sheets – The Perfect Makeover Solution For Your Home


Diwali is right around the corner. And what hints at it? It is something to do with the fact that the roads have lit up again, or the sound of crackers have managed to make you jump out of the bed? No. The only indication that brings you out of the lull and gets you in the festive mood is to see your mother extensively cleaning up the house, throwing away what she feels has aged, and bringing in new things to decorate the place. And this annual ritual has become an inseparable part in everyone’s life. When I used to stay at home, my mother made sure that the curtains, cushion covers, and bed sheets needed change. And now that I have moved to a place of my own in a different city, I thought I would start my cleaning with the same.

I’ve always felt that there is something about bed sheets that brings the room alive. What’s more, the best thing is it can pep up your mood and lift up the ambiance without much hassle. For a woman who likes to spend any festival at home, relaxing, it is important that I make my place look good on the special day. Every Diwali, my friends come over to my place to have dinner and enjoy the festivities my mother sends from home. So to spruce up my room I decided to change the bed sheets and throw colorful cushions here and there. And as one of the reasons people look forward to the festive season because it is the season of sale, I was absolutely ecstatic to find a bunch of them in completely affordable prices.

How did I go about choosing it?

The first and foremost thing I did was consider the size I needed. As I have a single bed, I chose one of the same size. Next, I wanted was a soft fabric so I could lay on it all day long with a book and a mug of coffee. As I didn’t want anything lavish like satin, silk and velvet, I chose to go for a cotton one to suit my needs. As for the design and pattern, I always prefer something simple yet catchy to grab my attention. So among various patterns like animal print, polka, floral, stripes, solid and so on, I chose contemporary and abstract prints to suit my tastefulness. I went ahead with a bright colour to light up my room, and there I was – all happy.

As I didn’t have much time left to go shopping, and with cleaning on top of it, I chose to buy bedsheets online. And with a wide range of bed sheets popped on my screen, it was easy to choose one that met my preferences. So I placed an order for it, and got it delivered to my home right before the big day. Now I can only hope that this Diwali brightens up my year to the fullest.

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