5 Easy Ways to Green Up Your Life


If you consider yourself empathic and you are trying to do your best to be nice to other people, why not expanding that common sense and good attitude toward something even more important? The only thing that may be considered more important is being responsible and kind, even, toward the environment and the planet Earth in general. The least you can do is to try your best to make your life as green as possible. Here are some of the great tips for starting your adventure toward a more responsible living.

Food Choices

While not everybody can be farmers and food producers, you can make sure that your food comes from the eco-friendly sources. First of all, purchase food from the local producers. In that way, you will not contribute the import that spends gallons of fuel to transport that food in. Also, you will strengthen the local economy. Support those businesses that produce organic food. This includes free range chicken farms, fruits and vegetables that are produced without the use of chemicals. Also, there are different food sharing options that you can organize with your friends and even strangers. This reduces the food waste and the expenditures made by the food preparation, as well.

Water Preservation

Leaking and dripping is the thing of your past if you choose to be Eco-friendlier and live a greener life. Let turning off water while brushing your teeth or washing your dishes get into your habit. Install the water saving shower heads, invest in the water saving appliances and waste as little water as possible.

Water Preservation

Energy Consumption

Replace all your appliances with those that save energy. However, do not throw those used one away. You can always make a garage sale, sell them online or even donate them to those that need them. Throwing them away only makes more waste and that is not your goal. Replace all the light bulbs with those that save electricity, but, still, turn them off when you are leaving the room for more than two minutes. If you want to have garden lights, use those that are charged by solar power and glow in the dark for the entire night after being charged by sunlight after a day. Another way to save energy is to make sure that your entire home is properly insulated.

Better Ways of Transportation

If you do not own a hybrid or an electric car, perhaps it is the time to ditch a car altogether. For long distances, use the public transportation. That will significantly reduce your carbon footprint. For short distances, if walking is out of the question, try choosing a great bike for yourself. There is also the option of electric bikes which is popular in Australia. It allows you to ride longer distances that are too challenging for your muscles without polluting.

Better Ways of Transportation

These are all tips and tricks that you need to implement in your everyday life if you want to become “greener”. However, another of the basic things that you need to do is to start recycling. You can start with separating the organic from the non-organic trash, separating glass, plastic and paper. If you are not sure how to do a good job, find a recycling center in your vicinity and ask them for help.


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