Dining and shopping in Chelsea, NYC


A remarkable and contemporary neighborhood, Chelsea is a cool combination of visual and artistic history. This charming place has a vibrant community held together by common institutions-houses of worship, schools, affordable housing units and popular business establishments. The great way to know what’s going on is to get off the High Line and walk its historic streets. The neighborhood is home to many chic restaurants, bars, shops, clothing boutiques and flea markets to keep you entertained.

Here are some popular dining and shopping options to keep you pleasantly busy in Chelsea:


Alta Linea: A new Italian restaurant, Alta Linea is located in the scenic courtyard garden of The High Line Hotel. The restaurant specialises in offering a range of delicacies and light bites like antipasti, pickled-mushroom bruschetta and summer tomato salad. You can choose from a vibrant beverage list of aperitif cocktails like spritzes and frozen negronis to complement your food and you’ll find an outdoor dining area in a beautiful courtyard along with a tree-lined garden space with standing tables.

The Breslin Bar & Dining Room: A contemporary British restaurant, Breslin Bar & Dining Room offers delicious meat-centric menu. You can indulge in rich, salty, roasted flavors of meat, which are uniquely served in a raucous rock & roll setting. The best delicacies served here are crumpets, terrine board, pork belly, stuffed pig’s foot and lamb burger.

Co.: New York’s first new marquee pizza outlet, Co. offers a relaxed dining experience. The main attractions in the menu are the pies, superb thin crust pizza and meatballs served in light tomato sauce. If you have space for desserts, try the afforest that comes with a delicious donut.

Cull & Pistol: While wandering in Chelsea market, pay a visit to the Cull & Pistol bar that offers delightful lobster dishes going beyond any typical seafood menu. Here executive chef David Seigal changes his menu daily, wholly dependent on what’s fresh in the Lobster Palace next door. Seafood lovers will love to enjoy the food and ambiance of this restaurant where freshness and creativity is evident in every dish.


Shopping in chalsea

Anthom: An international fashion house offering a range of designer women’s clothes with design, quality, and uniqueness as the key words. The store offers clothing that subtly stands out and you’ll find cool designer clothes that are difficult to find anywhere else. A must-visit store, if you are looking for exclusive designer clothes.

Buffalo Exchange: A popular consignment chair, Buffalo Exchange trades its inventory directly with customers. The store buys, sells and trades trendy vintage & used clothing for men & women. Visiting this store, you’ll get to buy some awesome vintage clothes and accessories, shoes and designer label products at much lower rates than its retail cost. Overall, it’s a great place with pleasant staff that can help you choose interesting picks.

Chelsea Flea Market: This popular market resides in the building that used to be a factory for the National Biscuit Company. You can buy anything and everything in this place including all sorts of fresh produce at the food court. Search for vintage clothing, accessories, home decor, jewellery and vintage press photos from the 1940s, all of which are available here. Chelsea Flat Market is the place to go to enjoy an amazing shopping experience with local shops and locally sourced goods.

Chelsea is a fantastic neighborhood to stay in for a holiday in New York City.  Centrally located, beautiful and artistic, this area is in proximity to many of New York’s popular landmarks, making it an excellent option for travelers seeking long-term rentals. In this largely residential neighborhood, you will find both luxury and affordable hotels and serviced apartments, where you can live like a local.


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