15+ Alternative Anime Sites like KissAnime to Watch Anime in 2024

Here are Top Best KissAnime Alternative Websites to Watch Anime Online.


Are you finding Alternative Anime Sites like KissAnime or Kimanime? Here are Top Best Alternative Anime Sites like KissAnime or Kimanime to Watch Anime.

Isn’t KissAnime the first name that hits the mind when it’s about watching anime? There is no doubt that the site has an innumerable number of anime titles. And you can binge-watch them to your heart’s fill.

The downloading option with third-party servers makes it more appealing. However, we are going to suggest some other promising anime sites. And if you have a subscription to one of the Cox Internet packages, it is going to be a lethal combo. Because both mean unlimited entertainment.

Said that we really feel that KissAnime is not flawless. It has a cluttered interface. And it becomes too heavy to navigate at times. Occasionally, the site also gets down because of heavy traffic. Still bearable though.

But one of the most unbearable issues with KissAnime is the never-ending ad pop-ups. And you can’t even block it or it will entirely ban your IP from accessing KisAnime site.

Best KissAnime Alternative Websites to Watch Anime Online

There is more to the anime world than just KissAnime. Check out:

Let’s know them better.


We are starting the list with the perhaps the biggest name in the anime world. It is a popular site and hosts a massive collection of anime content.

  • You enjoy a variety of titles from very popular to rare ones.
  • You can search for the title you are looking for. Or, you can browse the titles alphabetically.
  • It offers both dubbed and subbed versions.
  • You can find the newly released episodes and shows in the section called “New Release.”
  • A separate section caters for anime movies.
  • You can look up shows by genre.


Indeed heaven for every anime lover! You can browse through a massive collection of anime titles, both latest and old ones. It has remained to be the most trusted anime site for an entire decade now.

The interface is clutter-free and the site is easy to use. You can watch your favorite content without any trouble. There are a variety of filters to ease up your searches. The site also hosts cartoons. You can conveniently check the schedule and keep a tab on your favorite ongoing anime shows. The only drawback is the multiple pop-up ads before an episode actually plays. 


9Anime is a popular alternative to the KissAnime. You can browse through a vast library and plenty of anime genres.

  • It is a great option for you because it has a long list of dubbed content in HD English.
  • It can become the first choice for those who have a preference for dubbed versions.
  • 9Anime is regularly updated with the latest episodes of every ongoing series.
  • There is a variety of filters such as year, quality, genre, status, language, season, and so on.


Well, Anime Freak boasts of having the biggest library of anime titles. As many as 10,000! That’s a lot. The site offers a convenient and easy interface. It is easy to navigate. You can look up the videos by release date or name.

You can also use filters such as genre, year, and language. You can browse through a massive collection of dubbed and subbed anime. Although you can start watching directly, if you register yourself, you can create watch lists and give reviews.


Anime-Planet has an impressive interface and it gives you an enhanced online experience. The home page offers some amazing category titles such as, “Popular”, “Newest”, “Recommended”, and so on. You can use filters and browse titles by genre.

You get to browse through a huge collection of old and new, subbed and dubbed titles. You can watch directly or you can register to enjoy the perks of getting recommendations and creating watch lists. The only drawback is about some minor pop-ups.


It is perhaps the most unique amongst all the anime streaming websites. And it has a major reason. The reason is the sheer amount and variety of device support. Most of the anime sites work solely on browsers. While AnimeLab offers a separate application for various devices.

  • Currently, you can use this site on Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, and Samsung.
  • It is completely legal.
  • It has a contract for direct streaming from Japan. This means you are always getting the latest content.
  • The major issue with this site is that it is only functional in New Zealand and Australia. And it also requires mandatory registration to watch content.


Crunchyroll can actually be a solid rival of KissAnime in popularity. Since the inception of this site, it has been offering amazing and quality content to the users without a compromise.

The huge library contains English cartoons as well as Japanese anime. It also offers a massive variety of Asian entertainment. most of the titles have an official license. So, say goodbye to the guilt of piracy!

Also, the interface is clutter-free and cool. In case you don’t prefer browser mode, it offers mobile apps too. The only possible drawback is that it not entirely free.

Popular titles essentially require paid memberships. The number of paid subscribers are more than one million. Hence, membership sounds like a safe investment. 


In addition to all the usual good points of a quality anime site, this one boasts to be a better choice because of the huge collection of manga to read online. Anime lovers can relate to the fact that it’s quite hard to find the anime soundtracks. But on this site, you can!

  • Some Asian dramas are also on the site.
  • You can also download content from the site to watch offline.
  • The site is worth bookmarking.
  • The only drawback is perhaps the difficult navigation and poor interface. You can be riddled by ads.


 If you are a fan of using simple sites, AniWatcher is for you. It has a simple interface and easy browsing. The home page enlightens you about all the popular and trending anime titles along with essential info.

It links some interesting and catchy sections such as random anime, lists of all anime titles, newly added episodes, cartoons, movies, and other recommendations. The lists are updated on a regular basis. And both dubbed and subbed versions are available. You should check it out.


This one combines two things essential to an anime. They are community and content. It has a massive library of dubbed and subbed titles. You can always get your hands on the latest stuff because it is updated daily.

The community is what makes it special. You can take advantage of the embedded chatroom that is there on the website. AnimeFrenzy is a great idea if you want to stay in touch with a big anime community.


With a clutter-free and simple interface, AnimePark is a good site to watch the popular and latest anime shows. You can browse straight to the website’s popular titles. You can browse through a list of genres and can use filters to get the results.

The best part is that you can download content for free. You can actually download entire seasons and shows. The site groups the content by time, allowing the viewers to catch the latest stuff.


Yes, the name is a little weird. But why does it matter when it has a decent amount of anime to stream. The interface is a little bland, but the library is not. It offers a massive number of titles from multiple genres.

It also allows you to see schedules for the upcoming episodes and shows, which are aired currently. Also, the website is more focused on downloading than streaming. You can download via torrent or directly. For offline viewers, this site is gold!


 It focuses on movies primarily. Its movie library is quite comprehensive. It may have a few shows to offer. In addition to anime movies, it also offers cartoon and animated (short) movies. also, you can find anime web series, abridged series, online anime games, motion comics, and so on.

The major drawback is that the site is updated quite infrequently. Therefore, you may not be able to find the latest content.


Now this one is different from all others on our list. Actually, it is a community built by fans. It works by fans linking videos, which are uploaded on other servers. Members can provide and request anime versions and content.

The collection is not massive but the community is extraordinarily active. So, if you are looking for an anime that you are unable to find anywhere else, this community can help you. The interface is also appealing and neat.


Well, this one is more of an anime search engine than an anime streaming site. You can find the host sites for the anime that you want to watch. The site provides links to Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, Crunchyroll, and others. This saves you a great deal of time to search your favorite anime on Google or Bing.


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