5 Simple tips to get clear glowing skin


The perfect skin does not come without a price. It involves toning on a regular basis and cleansing. No one would like to deal with pimples and dark spots on their face. The various types of skin have various problems. For instance, the dry skin comes with the problem of itchiness. Oily skins are prone to acne. Having a normal skin is a privilege that many do not enjoy. Facial masks can help restore glow back on the skin. This article contributes to shed light on how you can achieve a clear, glowing skin with only a few tips you can use

Healthy diet

Care should be taken on the food, to make a clear, bright skin. This is because skin impurities are attributed to unhealthy diet. The right amount of nutrients will result in the perfect skin. Hence, foods should be chosen with great attention. A lot of emphases should be on proteins and whole grains, with the inclusion of vegetables. Foods that offer vitamins are also encouraged to be taken. Processed foods are to be avoided. Fruits are a great deal for the clear skin as the saying goes an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Soybeans and walnuts are important as they offer omega3 fatty acids. They help deal with inflammations.

Get enough sunlight, not excess

The morning sun is a primary source for vitamin D. However, from midday the sun’s rays can damage the skin. They alter the skin’s texture. They can also lead to skin cancer. It is important to take shed from direct sun to ensure a glowing skin. You can also use an umbrella to prevent the direct sunlight. Sunscreens can also help with the outdoor activities as they reduce the effect of the sun. Clothes can help cover the skin from the effects of direct sunlight.

Cleanse your skin

Hydration helps to get rid of toxins. It contributes to cleanse the body. The hydration also provides to removing dirt.  Almost 20% of the skin is made up of water hence the need to constantly hydrate. Never cleanse your skin with warm water. This is because it tends to open up your pores. Bacteria can find entry through these pores. Always use cold water as it acts as the best cleanser.  The skin is prone to dryness when it is washed more than twice. The skin also has a mechanism to nourish itself through the production of natural oils. Water helps to hydrate both the skin and the body thus the best cleanser. Scrubbing of the face should be avoided as it irritates the skin. Instead circular movements during washing are encouraged to prevent it.

Resist popping

Face pimples always tempt one to pop them. However, the result is always costly. The redness, inflammation and ultimately the scars stay for a lifetime. When pimples are popped up, they cause the development of other pimples. This is caused by the infected material that delves further in the skin. This could be avoided by resisting the temptation to pop a pimple. Proper skin care is paramount to achieve a glowing clear skin.

Regular detoxification

Pimples are often as a result of accumulated toxins in the skin. The toxins tend to give the skin a dull texture. This can be eliminated through detoxification. The programs for detoxification assist the body in cleansing itself. This boosts the functionality of the other organs such as the liver and the kidney that are directly involved in the elimination of the excess toxins and waste products.  One can employ a simple technique every morning for detoxification by taking lemon water daily.


When these changes are effected in one’s everyday life, they are a sure way to achieve a clear, glowing skin. Regular exercise is necessary to accompany these tips as it ensures the body is healthy and fit. Regular exercise helps in boosting the immune system and helps maintain a youthful skin. Enough rest is also essential. Avoid anything that may cause stress in your life.


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