10 Causes of Hair Breakage and How to Prevent It


Did you know that our hair’s connected to our confidence? If you want to feel more confident and keep your hair healthy, we can help.

Do you want to learn about the causes of hair breakage? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over how to stop hair breakage.

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1Lower Stress Levels

There’s evidence of a link between hair loss and stress, but stress can also lead to hair breakage. The follicles of your hair will go dormant, so the hair in a growth cycle could break off.

Have you noticed that some of your hair is falling out? Manage your stress with therapy, self-care, or medical help.

2Protect Your Hair From the Heat

With a curling iron, straightener, or hairdryer, you usually have to use a high heat setting. If you use these tools too much, you could damage your hair cuticles.

To prevent heat damage, give your hair a break from styling tools once a week. You could also reduce the heat damage by using ceramic versions of the styling tools.

Ceramic styling tools will heat up in an even manner. This way, you won’t have to apply heat over and over in the same sections.

Before you use your styling tools, you’ll want to use a heat-protecting spray to protect your hair.

3Track Your Diet

What you eat every day can affect your skin and hair health. Different nutrients will help your hair grow and also strengthen it.

If you aren’t getting enough nutrients, your hair could suffer. Hair follicles won’t get the proper nutrients they need to create new hair, and the new growth will stop. New hairs could break off in the middle of a growing cycle.

Try to make sure you’re consuming enough iron, zinc, and folic acid. Protein and antioxidants will also help keep your hair free of damage. Consider finding the best multivitamin to take every day.

4Dryness and Hair Breakage

Dry hair is a precursor for hair breakage and damage. You can get dry hair from too much heat, low humidity, or dry weather.

Make sure you avoid using hot water when washing your hair. Instead, try warm water. Too much hot water could dry your hair out.

If your ends are super dry, consider shampooing only your scalp. Don’t skip your conditioner.

If you don’t have time to condition, you could also use a spritz conditioner. Spritz in the conditioner and then comb your hair. You could even find a conditioner that includes heat protection.

5Take a Break From Hair Treatments

Perms, coloring, and relaxers can cause hair damage if you get them done too often. Try to stretch the time between sessions, if possible. To extend the results of your treatment, you could use a hair mask.

6Avoid Washing Your Hair Too Much

Do you have oily skin? You might have an excess of natural oil production in your scalp, leading you to wash your hair often.

If you have oily hair, you can stick to daily washes. If you need to reduce oil throughout the hair, consider looking into dry shampoo.

People with dry hair might only need to shampoo their hair once a week. Shampoo your scalp with care, and apply the conditioner from the ends to your roots.

7Don’t Scrub Your Hair With a Towel

When first out of the shower, most people rub their hair with a towel. But the rubbing motion could damage your hair because it’s in a wet and vulnerable state.

Try to blot your hair with an absorbent towel instead of scrubbing the water out of your hair. You could also wrap the towel around your hair to absorb excess water.

8Use Soft Hair Ties

Elastic hair ties are popular for when you’re working in the garden or at the gym. If you’re in a rush, you might throw your hair up in a high ponytail or bun.

Hair ties can pull on your hair cuticles and scalp. Some people notice that hair falls out as they undo their ponytail or bun at the end of the day. Instead of a ponytail or bun, style your hair or let it air dry.

You could also use softer hair ties that don’t pull on your hair as much and try for a looser bun or ponytail. Avoid using rubber bands that could damage your hair.

9Brush Your Hair With Care

Some people believe that brushing your hair a lot is good for your locks. Aim to comb and brush your hair when you want to style your hair. You don’t want to over brush your hair because this could cause widespread damage to your hair and scalp.

Use a wide-tooth comb to help prevent any hair breakage. Try only to use a brush on your dry hair, and avoid brushes with plastic bristles. Look into getting a hairbrush with natural bristles.

10Get Your Hair Trimmed

Some people don’t want to get their hair trimmed because they want it to stay long. Yet, hair trims will keep your hair free of split ends.

A hair trim is what an exfoliating scrub is for your skin. You will remove older cells to help new ones grow.

Split ends could travel up the length of your hair, leading to breakage. Aim to see your hairstylist at least once every eight weeks. Even if you’re growing out your hair, trim your hair to prevent any damage.

Now You Know More About Hair Breakage

We hope this guide on hair breakage causes was helpful. Make sure you eat a healthy diet, get regular hair trims, and take breaks from styling tools. Try to avoid scrubbing your hair after the shower.

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