Chowmahalla Palace – a glittering jewel of Hyderabad tourism


When it comes to visiting the most popular places in Hyderabad and spending a wonderful holiday, every single tourist attraction in the city oozes a bewitching charm that simply gets one hooked to the city. When you are in the city a popular place that is simply worth checking out is the Chowmahalla Palace. It is the official residence of the Nizams and a structure that best exhibits the history, architectural feat, and opulence of the bygone era.

The thirst of traveling and exploring the popular places in South India, often takes one to Chowmahalla Palace, which is in Hyderabad. In city that dates several centuries old and where there are various historic monuments showcasing the best of medieval architecture dotting the region thoroughly, the Chowmahalla Palace maintains its own class and prestige. It is a must-see when one is in Hyderabad as without visiting it your trip is simply incomplete. What makes the palace of such significance is that it was once the seat of the Asaf  Jahi dynasty and the official residence of the Nizams. That means that it is here where all the important decisions were made and executed. Besides, it is also here where the guests of the Nizams were entertained, which just often included the British Governor-Generals, showcasing the healthy relationships between the rulers of the city and the British. Till date, the palace remains the property of the heir of the Nizams.

Chowmahalla signifies four palaces and true to that there are four very old palaces in the Southern Courtyard. Facts state that the Southern Courtyard is the oldest part of the entire complex. It is needless to say that the four palaces that include Tahniyat Mahal, Afzal Mahal, Aftab Mahal, and Mahtab Mahal, are the treat to the eyes. Although weathered, they still retain their charm and today, exhibit the opulence and luxurious life of the Nizams. It is quite certain that by the looks only the palaces are capable to stun one within a fraction of time. It is advisable to spend some time in this part of Chowmahalla Palace admiring the beauty and the opulence.

The Northern Courtyard, on the other hand, houses Bara Imam facing the central fountain, a pool, and a building called Shishe-Alat, where the guest officials accompanying the dignitaries were accommodated. It also features Mughal domes and beautiful arches that are studded with many Persian elements of fine architecture like Stucco work adorning Khilwat Mubarak.

It is right to state that the Khilwat Mubarak is the heart of the palace. It was the seat of the Jahi dynasty and the place where the Nizams held the durbars and the religious ceremonies. This particular part of the palace is simply magnificent as it is full of splendor and beauty. It is simply expected from you that you spend a considerate amount of time here. Besides, the bewitchment of Khilwat Mubarak is such that you will automatically get enamored by the structure.

Situated in a walking distance from the iconic Charminar monument, the Chowmahalla Palace is frequented by tourists. Still, it is quite tranquil and a perfect place to visit with family or even alone. If you walk from the Charminar, there will be different bangle stores, small tea stalls, and restaurants with kebabs hanging on the front, simply tempting one to try them. You can easily spend a good 30 minutes or even more here.

There are several other interesting and unique allures in the city. Catch a flight from your city or the nearest airport of the neighboring city, say New Delhi to Hyderabad flight and get going on a journey that offers experiences that you’ll cherish for long.

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