How To Write Compelling Product Descriptions


Do you know that great product descriptions can skyrocket your sales and boost your online visibility?

With the right choice of words and strategy, you can create fantastic descriptions that convert and wow your customers. If you’re struggling with dull, boring content, or you want to know how to draft epic descriptions, then you’ve come to the right place.

For the next few minutes, I’ll show you how to say goodbye to lousy product descriptions.

So, let’s get down to business.

Identify your target market

The whole point of a product description is to provide information to your buyers. Apart from the technical details and benefits, you need to give a solution to your customer. 

It’s only possible to do so if you can pinpoint your ideal buyer. There is no one-size fits all strategy when it comes to writing copy; you have to be specific. If you’re selling weight-loss products, you’re selling yourself short by only listing the ingredients. 

Instead, write about how the ingredients will help your clients achieve their weight loss goals or cut back on cravings. If you’re selling maternity dresses, mention how the fabric flatters the curves of the mother and how the button details provide easy access during nursing.

If you’re having difficulty identifying your target market, local SEO Melbourne will help ease the process for you.

Use the right words

Choose words depending on the personality and style of your brand. If you’re selling makeup or skin care products, words like stunning, beautiful or radiant are great for your business. 

Use descriptive words that fit your niche and works for your audience. Funky and badass might work for clothing items if your clients appreciate such kind of language. While for a different market, classic, versatile, gorgeous, and elegant will have you achieve massive sales.

Make it readable

To make your product descriptions enjoyable, use bullet points or short sentences. When buying online, most customers are looking for material they can skim through and still get to read the benefits.

With only a few seconds to impress buyers into purchasing your product, have clear points with precise details. If you use descriptive text, keep your sentences short. 

Optimize your text for SEO

Your content might have the perfect blend of powerful words, but to increase your search rankings and make sales, you need SEO. 

Figuring out the right keywords to use can be daunting. However, with experts in the field, you no longer have to carry that burden anymore. 

Using keywords in your product descriptions is more than placement. It involves having a strategy on how to be informational, without appearing deceptive or promotional. With SEO NZ, you can have an optimized text that appeals to the needs of your buyers.

Use amazing images

If you want to write mind-blowing text, you need to blend your copy with high-quality photos. Take numerous pictures of your product from different angles. Create beautiful visual that makes your customers fall in love with the item.

If you’re selling clothes, ditch the mannequin and get a model. Clients want to envision every detail from how the fabric will fit their silhouette to a glimpse of the neckline trimming.

Final words

There you have it, 5 excellent tips on how you can write great texts that persuade buyers to click the” add to cart” button.

Whether you already have an e-commerce site or you’re starting, these few pointers will help you create amazing product descriptions regardless of your niche.


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