Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives -Top KAT Sites Working in 2024


Are you finding best working Kickass Torrents Alternatives? Here are 12 top working Kickass Torrents Alternatives for 2024.

Hey torrent lover, you must search for a Kickass torrent since the US government pulled down the popular original Kickass torrents in July 2017. Oh, that was a bummer, and even the KAT mastermind ArtemVaulin got arrested And movie fans were disappointed.

However, some site staffers created a forum ( to revive the Kickass torrents. They launched an alternative website that hosts various movie torrents, files, TV shows, games, music, and almost everything that you could find in the previous KAT.

So, which are these other options that came up to entice the user? First, let’s discover what and how BitTorrent works;

What is BitTorrent, and how does it work?

What is BitTorrent

It is a file-sharing technology that is different from traditional file transferring. BitTorrent files It are put on the computers of those people in a file-sharing networkwhich is computing known as peer-to-peer. You can have them installed by expertswith proper guidance and precautions on your computer.

How does it work?

All the computers in this network, referred to as a swarm, crashes the files into tiny chunks. And any person downloading them puts the fragments back together. Several people can simultaneously download a file that gets distributed on other computers instead of a single server. That means you don’t have to wait for a download to finish to upload it. It is this fact that makes torrent an excellent and super-fast means of file sharing.

New Kickass torrents proxy

You will come across many mirror sites that claim to be the look-alike of the original torrent. However, it would be reliable if you were alert, as some might be harmful to your site.

Not to mention the intention of stealing your data. Check out below the proxy list of kickass Torrents sites;

How to download the files

First, you should have a BitTorrent client software. From the official page of the kickass torrent, download uTorrent and add magnet links. You can further download a .torrent file for automatic download of your files using torrent trackers.

Top Kickass Torrents Alternatives that Work in 2024

One of the most popular kickass torrent alternatives that most of those frequented the previous Kickass torrent is finding useful today. However, Australian ISPs blocked its access, among other top torrent sites citing copyright infringement laws. Alexa ranked it at 316.


Although you will not find the original ExtraTorrent known for its healthy Kickass torrents and rich interface-feature, the original KAT, cited as one of the best torrent sites, went into darkness on 2017 May 17, after it was shut down for hosting copyrighted content. At least you will be happy with this mirror site extra It is an excellent alternative, with a similar offering.

And as the government’s eyes are keen on the BitTorrent, most users use the proxy site in front of the torrent to hide the IP addresses. Please don’t miss to check the latest copyright info at the top-left corner of the site to abide by the rules. Alexa is ranking this torrent at 29,558.


 The main reason you will love TorLock is the fact that it only lists verified sites. And if you prove them wrong by finding a fake torrent, you get a $ 1 per torrent compensation. It gives you the confidence to download safe files, movies, or music from their site. Maybe it’s a torrent worth checking, which has Alexa’s ranking of 10,657.


You might not have heard of iDope since it’s a new torrent. Users are finding it to be an excellent alternative to kickass torrent. The Kickass torrent even has a Chrome plugin, and those using Android can get its app from there. iDope claims that it doesn’t track its visitors. Well, check it out and tell us. It has Alexa’s ranking of 49,563.


The first thing that will steal your heart when you visit this site, its UI. A neat and tidy interface helps you to easily and quickly choose what you need. They also have an advanced search to specify your category; movies, games, apps, music, books, e.t.c. Also, you can choose the file size before you download it. A list of the most seeded torrents shows on the homepage, making it easier to select the popular Kickass torrent. Alexa ranked Zooqle 6339.

6Lime torrent

Lime torrent was one of the top alternative sites to kickass in 2019 and still stands a high place in 2021. That may contribute to its vast evergreen catalog updated hourly, which will spoil you for choice. It claims to be the next leader of other torrents, and it gets a ranking of 2109 from Alexa.


This site is a clone of the legendary, which is also a meta-search engine. You can find other torrent’s results from here. However, the links’ quality and legitimacy are questionable, which becomes a significant drawback. Be cautious when downloading torrents here. It gets Alexa’s ranking of 1526.

YTS movie lovers were sad when this site was banned after its leader was found guilty in New Zealand. Since that ordeal, the followers can access their movies and music on the YTS look-alike site. Although this torrent tracker is not the original site, is a fabulous alternative to get your favorite movies. But it would aid if you were cautious of many fake sites citing themselves as YTS.

As the law enforcement team is keen to find those who are not following the copyright rules, many sites are getting banned for this. NYAA was one of those sites that turned in this list. However, it formed a clone of, which is becoming pretty famous in Japan. It has an appealing interface, neat and clean. And you will find options to choose and specify with date and size. Alexa ranking of this torrent falls at 902.

RARBG is one top-rated alternative kickass torrent site with movies and TV episodes. The user interface is super smooth to help you find your preferred torrent quickly. This site attracts massive web traffic daily, making it one of the leading top torrents working in 2021. Alexa ranks it at 707.

If you want to find the most trending torrents, this site offers a weekly top list for you. All you need is to go on a search, pick the category you need, and everything shows up. It is a reliable site since it has been around for a long. It may not have a sophisticated user interface, but it has a user-friendly search bar that serves its customers well. Like you can just hit the category of torrent files or magnet links on the search menu. It gets Alexa’s ranking of 327.

12Dirty torrents

Contrary to its name, this torrent has an extensive database of movies, music, files, and any genre you desire. Its clean and superb user interface also has user-friendly features that you will love to navigate. And you don’t have to concern about safety, for they assure you to be free of malware and viruses.

Safety measures to download torrent

With the launching of the new KAT domain, one of the KAT cr team had to say this:

  • The first step is to choose a torrent-friendly VPN.
  • Ensure your VPN privacy settings are on. Some VPN providers will have their settings already enabled.
  • Select the VPN server and connect.
  • Next, download a BitTorrent client.
  • Search for one of the torrent sites like the ones recommended above.
  • Now pick and start your download.
  • Always download files from trusted sources.
  • Check comments and ratings from other users to find how their experience was.

Top-quality VPNs to download your torrents safely.

If you want to secure your downloads anonymously, choose safe VPN services. Some of the companies that can help install this part of security measures. Their main advantage is to allow you to bypass censorship and geographical restrictions of content websites in your country. The list of the top torrent-friendly VPN includes;

  • ExpressVPN, it is the most popular, with the best support and high-speed.
  • Private Internet Access (PIA) affordable and offers top-notch VPN services.
  • NordVPN, It is the best VPN services you will experience, and allows you to visit two consecutive servers, while the second VPN doesn’t get your actual IP. It assures you total anonymity and maximum security.
  • CyberGhost VPN; It comes with a stringent no-log policy to ensure your privacy. It is one of the VPN that can unblock Netflix and others.
  • Surfshark; if you are on the lookout for high speed and ultimate security, Surshack VPN is worth trying out.
  • IPVanish; A VPN designed for torrenting lovers, and it’s immensely popular with Kodi users.
  • PrivateVPN; You will experience no logs with super-fast connections.
  • StrongVPN; It is a popular VPN in China, with zero logs and simple design.
  • Windscribe; BitTorrent users will appreciate this VPN’s security, and overall performance is superb.
  • Hotspot Shield; Although this comes with a high speed, it is a low-cost VPNs that most people can afford.

Use VPN to protect yourself and your data as you download your preferred torrents. Choosing a high-quality VPN hides your IP address and secures your information from cybercriminals.

In conclusion, although the torrent sharing enthusiasts miss Kickass Torrents, they can have a wide variety of kickass torrent alternative sites to download their preferred great content via torrent clients. Nevertheless, we discourage downloading copyright-protected materials. If possible, always check with experts to shed some light on the genuine torrents you should be using.


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