Useful Tips for People Who Tweet All Day


Whether you spend a huge chunk of your time posting on Twitter for work purposes or purely for leisure, you are probably wondering how you can make the most of your social media activity, as well as how to tweet less, yet still stand out from the crowd. Here is a quick round-up of three simple tips for people who tweet all day.

Tweak your email alerts

If you do not customize your email alerts for Twitter, you are going to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of notifications that flood into your inbox on a daily basis. Currently, you can request an email notification in the various instances:

  • If one of your tweets, or a tweet in which you have been mentioned, has been marked as a ‘favorite’ by another user
  • When someone retweets you, or when a tweet in which you are mentioned gets a retweet
  • When someone replies to one of your tweets
  • When someone mentions you in a tweet
  • When someone in your address book opens an account on Twitter
  • When you receive a direct message or a new follower
  • When someone shares a tweet with you

However, the only ones for which you truly need to receive email notifications are:

  • When someone retweets you, or when a tweet in which you are mentioned gets a retweet: This gives you the opportunity to quickly respond and engage with a Twitter user who could become a loyal follower in the future.
  • When someone replies to your tweet, sends you a direct message, or mentions you directly: This allows you, once again, to respond in a timely manner in order to continue the engagement.
  • When someone in your address book opens an account on Twitter: This person is practically a guaranteed new follower if you start engaging with them right from the beginning.

Take frequent breaks

Avoid sitting and tweeting for hours on end without taking a break to re-set your mind and reflect on your activity. Head outside for a walk and some fresh air or play some online casino games to help redirect your focus, even if just for a half an hour. When you return to your Twitter profile, you will feel refreshed and ready to make an even more significant impact.

Take advantage of lists

Lists aid in keeping your Twitter activity organized and make it easier to keep up with your followers who matter most. Categorize your lists based on why those followers are important to you and try not to include more than 10 Twitter accounts in a single list. You should also take the time to figure out who your ‘best’ and most valuable followers are. It is easy to do this using a tool called Social Rank that investigates various factors like influence, content, engagement, follower count, and more. Of course, also be sure to use Twilert to your advantage for scheduled alerts, advanced search options, and user grouping.

Now that you have taken all of this advice to heart, you are certain to be able to spend less time tweeting without sacrificing on your results. You’re welcome!


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