Free MP3 Download Tips (Safe & Legal) – Top Legal Music Download Sites


Many people love listening to music and want to download it free from music websites. Here is Free MP3 Download Tips (Safe & Legal) and Top Legal Music Download Sites.

Many people love listening to music and want to download it free from music websites. Many websites offer you to download free music. However, every type of music is not available on sites offering free downloads. You need to download it for legitimate websites that offer paid music.

When users download music from websites that offer free downloads, there is a risk of viruses and malware. Some viruses and malware can come with the files users download from a music website. Therefore, users should always download music from legitimate websites like Mp3 Juices. Here are some safe and legal tips to download free music online.

Top websites offering free music

There are plenty of websites that offer you to download music free of cost. You might have been using some website to download free music. Some of these sites are ecommerce sites that sell a wide range of products. But they have a list of free downloads from where you can download free music.

The sites like and iTunes offer their users to download free music. In addition to these, there are many other sites that offer free to download music to their users.

Mp3 Juices

Mp3 Juices is a highly reputed website that offers you free to download music. The website offers plenty of music in every genre, and you can find the latest music on mp3 juices. It is quite easy to download music from this website. All you need is to open it in your browser, and you will see the home page, as shown below.

In case of any problem in your browser, you can open it in the Chrome browser. Type the keywords of your music in the search box and click on the search icon.

Another way to search a song or music is to search it on YouTube and copy its URL. Then paste the URL in its search bar and click on search. The website the results for all the available music as per the keywords you type in the search bar.

After finding the music or song you want, you need to click on the download button and save it to your computer. The file gets stored automatically in the downloads-folder on a smartphone. You can also share the music file to a cloud or share it with others using a social media platform.


The e-commerce giant Amazon is not limited to selling products. In addition to a wide range of worldwide products, Amazon also offers thousands of music downloads that you cannot miss. Usually, the recent and upcoming music is available for download on Amazon.


Most people are familiar with the streaming service of the Last. Fm, but the site also offers free music for download. The free download section is available at the bottom of its homepage and tucked behind a link. Once you open the homepage, you can find a wide variety of music tracks from popular artists and musicians. The disadvantage of using this site is that there is no method of filtering or sorting the songs. Users need to spend time to browse, stream, and preview the available tracks to find what they are looking for.

The is a popular and old website that offers free music for users. The website became popular in the 1990s and is one of the oldest portals for music. Although there are many other music websites, this oldie is still worthy of checking the availability of free music. The latest music and songs might not be available on this website, but if you want to search for an old song, you can download it here.


If you are looking for a song that is not available anywhere online, you must try looking it on Jamendo. It has the songs or more than 35000 artists with the complete albums to download free. The site offers easy to use search functions such as search by artist, genre, or name of the song/album. Moreover, you can browse songs according to their popularity among users. You can download and stream music of any artist free of cost and also read the reviews of the same.


Soundcloud is a website that offers you a wide range of music. You can search by the artists and labels and download the songs free. However, anyone can upload music on the site, so you can see a lot of illegal songs and postings. To know the originality of any music, you can use the certification feature available on the site. Using the certification feature, you can check and download only the legitimate music evaluated by the site.

When a user finds the track of their choice, he or she can look at the bottom and click on Buy or Download link that is available. When you buy or download a song or album, you automatically start following the artist of that music. As many people use SoundCloud, there is a high possibility of finding your favorite music here.

Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive is a website that works in collaboration with other websites to make available as much music as possible for its users. Whether you want old songs or those from the new artists, you can easily find them here. On the other hand, if you like an indie band, you can find them too on this website. It also allows the singers and musicians to post their music directly on this site.


Stereogum offers the music and download features similar to and FreeMusicArchive. It allows you to stream the music and also browse the old songs that became hit in the past. You can find the latest songs as well as the evergreen oldies. The website continues to introduce new features that you can access while browsing and downloading the music.


NoiseTrade is another amazing website for downloading free music. Unlike and Last.Fm, it’s not just a music-trading room, but it makes a variety of songs available to users. The site aims to act as a promotional platform for new artists and young stars. Artists who want to promote their new music online can use this website as much as possible. The website also offers free samples of music to promote artists among its users.


Bandcamp is a platform for independent singers and small musicians to find their store. They can also find new fans and make a living out of their music. However, some artists choose to make tracks available for free download. To find free to download tracks on a name-your-own-price basis, you need to search for free download.

Bandcamp is fun to use, and it’s what MySpace aspired to achieve but failed to do so. Every artist is given a custom page to showcase their biography, album previews, and reviews, all of which are high-quality and useful.

Final Words

These are some best apps and websites to download free music. Some offer you the best search features while some offer an easy to use interface. Mp3 is one of the best music store online that people use to download free music. You can visit any music website online that is legitimate and offer you to download free music legally.


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