A Trip to Dharamshala and Mcleodganj


I have been a cricket fan all my life and have always had the pleasure of having childhood buddies who adore this sport as religiously as I do. From playing a thousand matches together since childhood days to going to watch numerous national and international face-offs in cricket, we all grew up together experiencing the best days of our lives while being associated with cricket in one or the other way.

Little did we know that our friendship and affiliation towards this game would ever get us to plan the most memorable trip of our life. Dharamshala hosts one of the most beautiful cricket stadiums in the world. It is, in fact, the favorite stadium of cricket God himself- Sachin Tendulkar. The stadium is painted in vibrant multi-colors that shine brightly amidst the snowy mountains that stand high in the backdrop of its fascinating location.

On my 25th birthday, we all met up and were recalling older times when we would play without having a look at the clock forgetting all other engagements and would rush for gully cricket matches. One of us, recalling the old days, proposed the idea of planning a tour to get along and enjoy each other’s company just like older times. It was then when the idea of visiting Dharamshala struck my mind. After all, what better than a place that is famous for a sport that kept us unified?

So, Dharamshala it was.

Irresistible Rush to Map the Tour

After deciding for the trip, we were all getting irresistible rushes to plan the tour and roadmap the entire thing. While conversing about this one day over call, a friend suggested that Mcleodganj is also an amazing place to visit and is very convenient to get to by deciding to avail a licensed and convenient taxi service in Dharamshala. We all agreed to it after browsing online for the scenic beauty that Mcleodganj held.

I am quite allergic to the colder climates and Dharamshala, being situated in Himachal, demanded that I get enough winter wear for myself. I had a hefty shopping for this purpose. The resorts were booked and all other arrangements made. We were now eagerly waiting for the day to come.

Reaching Dharamshala

We reached Dharamshala very conveniently as we had opted to book a cab from Delhi to Dharamshala which proved to be an amazing decision for the timeliness and comfort that was imparted. On reaching Dharamshala we checked in to the booked resort that was located on a hilltop amidst beautiful mountains.

Without wasting time, we got ready, had lunch at a roadside Dhaba and moved to visit the much-adored stadium.

It was a picturesque place! We were in awe of the architecture and the perfect location. The pictures that we saw did not do any justice to how beautiful this place actually was. Worth a thousand clicks to take back along.

Mcleodganj: An Equally Alluring Abode

Mcleodganj is merely 6 kilometers away from Dharamshala and the distance took around 25 minutes to be covered. It is a suburb of Dharamshala in Kangra district and is famous for monasteries, lakes, waterfalls, museums, etc.

Beginning from the monasteries and museums, we explored the lakes and waterfalls at Mcleodganj and got back to our resort as it started turning dark.

Memories to take back

After this short but highly memorable trip to Dharamshala and Mcleodganj, we returned to Delhi and all got engaged in the mundane lifestyles that life brought to us.

But this trip gave us memories to remember for a lifetime and the scenic beauty touched our souls so as to get imprinted on it forever.

Traveling is surely one hell of a drug! The more you travel the more you would want to do it, sadly though, we’re all running short on time amidst our rush to sustain and succeed.

Nevertheless, life comprises such mini- amazement with our loved ones and these are enough to appreciate the life we live.


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