Top 3 Packing Hacks for Moving


How you pack your things is one of the most crucial aspects of a good moving experience. Packing correctly can save you time, safeguard your belongings, and keep them organized. As a result, your movers will have to do less work on the other end, which in turn means lower labour costs for you

It’s important to remember that your movers are not responsible for any damage caused by improperly packed items.

DIY of Professionals

When moving you might want to consider if you want to save money by doing a DIY move or hiring a professional moving company. The average cost of a local move is $1,250 and it goes up to $4,890 when it is a long distance move that is more than 1000 miles.

Some factors that affect the cost of the move:

  • Packing costs
  • Storage costs
  • Travel time and distance
  • Insurance
  • Supplies for moving

If money is tight, you might believe that a DIY move is the best way to reduce your moving expenses. Moving on your own won’t be free, even though it will probably be less expensive than hiring a full-service moving company. Some DIY moves can cost as little as $500. By packing your things yourself and renting a moving vehicle or a portable storage container, a lot of money can be saved. With help from family and friends or even by yourself, moving your home can also become an easier task.

Load up on Free supplies

Another way to save up on moving is to load up on free supplies that can be used for your move.

Some of the supplies you will need for your move:

  • Boxes
  • Tape
  • Paper
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Utility Knife
  • Moving dolly

You can always get free boxes from local stores, bookstores, Craiglist, etc. Newspaper can be used as packing paper that protects your dishware and other fragile things. You can also use bed sheets, blankets or trash bags to preserve your valuables and add protection to your fragile items.

Declutter and Sort

You might want to think about making the decision to reduce the number of your belongings if you’re about to relocate. To allow yourself enough time to thoroughly organize your home without being overwhelmed, you should start the downsizing process as soon as you can. You should start at least three months before you expect to relocate, but the sooner the better. Again it is another thing you can decide doing yourself or hiring a professional. A thorough decluttering before relocating will not only save you time and energy on both ends of your move, but it can also help you save money. Why? The more items you have, the more expensive it is to transport them.

You should start by categorizing your stuff, for example:

  • Kitchenware
  • Electronics
  • Toys
  • Decorations

For each category pack the most important in one box and pack a box that you can donate or sell. You could earn some money on a garage sale that will help you with the costs of moving.

Make A to-do list

Is moving out not your idea of a good time? You’re not alone. It’s probably not at the top of many people’s lists of favourite things to do. Unfortunately, when the time comes to relocate, it is something that must be done. Rather than becoming overwhelmed by your complete packing list, split it down into small chunks to make the process go more smoothly. Preparing for a move might be a snap — or at least less stressful — with a daily packing list.

This is a prioritized list of all the jobs that must be completed. They detail everything you need to pack. You should make a list room by room starting from the attic or basement.

By making such a list, you ensure that all of your things are written down in one spot, ensuring that you don’t overlook anything vital. And by prioritizing tasks, you determine the sequence in which you’ll complete them, lowering your chances of forgetting something.

Once you have a list written down, set a timer and pack for at least an hour a day, making sure boxes are not more than 50 lbs.

Using different color labels for each room will help you stay organized. Make sure you tick off as you complete your list.

We can help make your move as easy as possible

iCan delivers, you pack, and we pick up your portable storage container when and where you need it. You may also keep your portable storage container on your property so you can access your goods at any time. It’s really that simple. Then we’ll transfer your portable storage container to your new location or to our secure storage facility for safe and easy storage until you decide what to do next.


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