Packing Your Garage For A Move


Packing your garage for a move is one task most people procrastinate on when moving. There are so many miscellaneous things you need to pack in your garage. Moreover, packing garage items is not easy.

Even if you are planning to engage NYC movers to help you relocate, there are some tasks you need to handle all by yourself. For instance, you need to declutter before you start packing garage items.

Hence, it is important to learn how to pack your garage items for relocation. To help make the process stress-free, here are some tips you need to follow.

Tips on How to Pack your Garage for a Move


The first and most important step when packing a room, especially a garage, when moving is to declutter. Decluttering is a task that will help you save time and money when moving.

You need to organize your items by what you want to keep, donate, sell, and throw away. Hence, it would help if you had a few boxes and trash bags nearby. Once you gather everything you have, you will quickly tell what to move with to the new place.

If you have many items in good condition, you can organize a garage sale or sell the items online. All you need is to prepare well for the garage sale and advertise it in your neighborhood. For online sales, please take pictures and post them on various sites such as Facebook, where interested buyers can see them.

2Get suitable packing materials

The next step is to get the right packing materials. You need to ensure you have suitable ones for your garage items. With the right materials, you will be able to keep things safe when relocating and prevent injuries.

With most garage items, you need to get sturdy moving boxes. Having a weak box that can fall apart is the last thing you want when packing garage things. Apart from getting sturdy boxes, it would help if you had bubble wrap, moving blankets, packing paper, packing tape, and other supplies.

3Separate things you cannot move

According to the law, some things, such as flammable or hazardous things, cannot be moved. Other items that professional movers cannot move include gasoline, garden items that have fuel, and power tools with fuel.

Therefore, make sure you unfill the fuel in all the equipment and dispose of it. If you are relocating your grill, remove the charcoal and other things to ensure it can easily be moved.

Movers cannot pack and move in the moving truck, including aerosol cans, paint, car batteries, pesticides, plants, herbicides, soil, fertilizers, and others. Also, your movers will not pack cleaning supplies such as bleach and cleaning solvents.

4Clean your garage items before packing

Before packing the garage things, it is good to clean them first. It does not have to be a deep clean. However, it is essential to wipe the items with a damp towel to ensure no dirt or dust is a move to the new garage.

If you have freezers and fridges in the garage, you need to empty them. After you have emptied the fridges and freezers, clean them well. It is also essential to defrost and dry them.

5Pack up the garage tools

Once you have emptied power tools and other equipment of fuel, the next step is to pack them. The best way is to use the original boxes the tools and equipment came in. However, if you cannot find the original boxes, there are special boxes you can consider.

Start by disassembling the cords and batteries. However, please keep them in the same box. This will give you an easy time assembling the tools in the new place. Then ensure the box is well sealed to avoid it from breaking. You can also use plastic tools to store any loose tools.

But it is important to remember that tools are heavy to move and load in the moving truck. Therefore, make sure you have enough people to help you with the task. Nevertheless, if you have engaged professional movers, they are well trained and better equipped to help you pack and move all your garage tools.

6Label all the boxes

Labeling the boxes is a vital task you cannot ignore when moving. Moving experts recommend labeling all the boxes based on rooms. Hence, when labeling garage boxes, make sure you label them “Garage” for easier identification when unpacking.

It is also a good idea to write the contents in every box. This will make everything organized and give you an easy time rearranging your new garage.

7Hire a professional moving company

Packing a garage is a challenging task. It is even more difficult if you do not help enough people to help you pack and move the items. However, you can make the task stress-free by engaging a professional moving company.

When you engage NYC movers to help you pack and move garage items, you will have enough time to concentrate on other essential things. Since they are experienced and better equipped, they will help you move even the large and heavy tools. Moreover, you will avoid the injuries and stress of packing the garage equipment pieces.

Final Word

Packing your garage is not an easy task. But by following the above tips, you can easily pack and move all the garage tools and equipment. Do not forget to declutter, as it will help you save time and money.

Engaging a reliable moving company to help you pack and move is also essential. Since they are trained and experienced in moving all items, they will make the process easier for you. However, make sure you research well to hire a reliable and trustworthy company.


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