Relocating To a New State? 11 Tips to Make Moving Easy


Moving home is never easy and moving to a new state can be totally overwhelming. Getting to grips with new people, new environments and a new job can feel exciting, stressful, scary, or a combination of all three! The actual move can be one of the bigger tasks, physically and mentally, so making it as pain-free as possible is important. We’ve put together a list of tips to assist you in keeping your move as effortless as can be.

1Strip Down Your Belongings

Cutting back on what you own will mean you have less to haul over state lines and less clutter will make packing and unpacking a whole ton easier. Start with your clothes. If you’re moving to a state with a totally different climate, cut back on items you won’t be wearing often. You won’t need 20 bikinis in Maine or Alaska! Same for hot weather, if you own five plus winter coats and are moving to LA, you may want to get rid of a few so you have space for the things you really need. Sell your unwanted goods for a little extra cash or donate them to goodwill to help your community.

2Hire Some Help

Relocating with furniture and heavy items can be difficult unless you somehow own an eight-wheeler. Check out moving companies in your area and shop around for a good deal. If possible, hire professionals that also move your items in and out of your home so that you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting by yourself.

3Create A Budget

Moving can get super expensive so having a budget (and sticking to it!) will help you stay on track and stop overspending. Do your research on what it will cost to move and save up a little extra in case of any unforeseen incidents such as unknown water leaks in your new place. Even budget for any comfort stops along the way, rather than pay $50 in a gas station because you’ve panic bought all the snacks.

4Pack Logically

It’s tempting to throw everything in a box and tape it up in a hurry, however, this type of packing is completely unproductive and will hinder you in the long run. Take the time to create a list or spreadsheet of your inventory and which items have been packed in which box. Try to pack room by room so that you can unpack them easily and have a few separate boxes for necessities that need to be unpacked right away like some cookware, a kettle, your personal hygiene items, and bedding. That way you’ll have them all right to hand when you reach your destination, and they can tide you over for a few days whilst you’re working your way through unpacking each room.

5Sort Out Your Job

If you’re not already moving for a new job, speak to your company to see if you can transfer to another branch in your new area, or if they have any recommendations for new workplaces. Your company may not operate in other states, but your bosses may know someone on the grapevine in your field of work that is hiring and they may be able to get your foot in the door.

Organizing a new job before you arrive at your new home will give you peace of mind about your income and ensure you’ll meet your mortgage or rent payments on time.

6Ditto Your Kids Schools

If you have children already in education you’ll likely need a transfer certificate. Speak with their existing school and have them help organize a new place for your kids in your new area before you leave so they won’t miss any learning time.

7… And Your Pets

It’s likely your pets have been microchipped if they leave the house so update your vet so they can update their database. Enroll them in a local vet clinic in your new hometown before you’ve moved in case they need urgent care shortly after your arrival.

8Switch Your Utilities

Changing and updating your service providers can be a pain but not having access to water, electricity, or internet for the first few days in your new home can be even worse. Making the switch beforehand will mean you can arrive knowing that you can spend your first night relaxing with Netflix and takeout!

9Hit The DMV

Obviously waiting at the DMV for hours is the absolute worst but is a necessary evil if you’re a driver. Different states have different rules, but you’ll need to get a local license and change your registration to your new state. This should be done straight away in case you have any accidents and at the very least within your state’s legal time limit. Plus, if you get it out of the way quickly, it’s one less thing to stress over as you’re settling in.

10Update Your Voting Registration

Once you’ve changed your license, you’ll be able to sort out your voting registration. A new state means a change in the electoral roll as you’ll need to be registered in your new area. Sorting this out as soon as possible will make your life easier come voting season.

11Create A Fun Plan

Unfamiliar territory can leave you feeling uneasy and worried so create an action plan for after your arrival. Visit the local malls, parks, and supermarkets to get a feel for where everything is so you can pop out to the shops quickly and easily, rather than driving for miles in the wrong direction for a pint of milk. If you have kids, organize some fun local activities so they can see the joy in the area and sign them up for some classes to help them make friends.

This is a great idea for adults too. Why not join a local book club or art class to make new connections? Whether it’s business networking or social groups, meeting people in your community is a good way to build solid foundations and form new relationships.

Have you just moved interstate? Share your advice in the comments to help inspire other readers!


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