Top 10 Media Plugins for Your Website


From its very start, the Internet became the main platform for viewing and sharing different types of media. Recently, pictures, videos, and GIFs have been moving to the domination over text files. Any website now has an opportunity to insert different media. But it is possible to make this content even more captivating and effective – for instance, with media plugins designed for better galleries’ management.

WordPress plugins

WordPress is a well-known system which allows creating websites. The basic package includes the chosen template and a small set of features like blog posting, galleries, or contacts’ form. WordPress also allows installing various plugins for enhancing the functionality.

Plugins can be downloaded and installed for free. These extensions allow creating advanced galleries, designing quizzes, customizing product catalogs, and a lot more. At the moment, there are almost 56,000 plugins and thousands of tools from partners.

A large number of extensions is dedicated to media. The traditional WordPress Media Library is a powerful tool which allows organizing pictures, documents or other types of files. However, this in-built system is suitable for websites that don’t have intense visuals. If you want to create a large gallery, check some of the plugins listed below.

1. Enable Media Replace

It’s a pretty simple tool which might be useful for everybody. It allows seamless replacement of media files in the gallery. The extension uploads a new file with a new URL and updated references. The plugin is especially desirable for owners websites packed with visual content.

2. Enhanced Media Library

The extension focuses on categories, so it will be useful for owners of huge media libraries with a lot of files. Enhanced Media Library allows creating categories like Video, Audio, Images, and so on. Once the gallery is organized this way, you can easily filter and search for files.

3. Shadowbox

This application is slightly different from others. It’s focused on viewing media. Written on Javascript, Shadowbox supports all popular files’ formats. With the plugin, you can display different media types and modify links to other resources such as YouTube. Apart from a free version, there is a paid option for using the program for commercial goals.

4. Media File Manager

Here’s another plugin which organizes your library by categorizing it in an effective way. Compared to the Enhanced Media Library, this tool is simpler and offer to manage only a few preferences. You can contact the support team in the case of any problems.

5. Media Library Assistant

This tool is the advanced version of other extensions focused on libraries and categories. You can organize files using folders, widgets, and lists with it. The plugin supports templates, metadata, and descriptions. Check all features on the official page. Note that Media Library assistant has 50000+ active downloads and the 5 stars rating.

6. Media Library Folders

Similarly to organizing data on your PC or laptop, you can do it on your website using this tool. It allows creating folders and subfolders for different types of content like videos or pictures. Catalogs support date sorting, SEO images, synchronizing and regenerating of thumbnails. You can easily move, edit, and delete files.

7. Media Tags

The extension functions for attaching tags to files using a single screen. Pay attention to the Role Management as this feature allows setting different levels of access to specific files. Finally, Media Tags can provide translations of your media.

8. Imsanity

The compatibility issue is the headache of many bloggers and developers. Imsanity partially solves this problem when it comes to checking sizes of files. The plugin automatically fits the size of the uploaded media to make it suitable for any browser or device. It also works with contributors’ files. Additionally, Imsanity helps free up some space thanks to the bulk resize.

9. Media Folder

The plugin facilitates categorizing files by placing them into folders and subfolders. It’s also compatible with other tools and extensions for WordPress. This is not a free plugin: the basic plan for 6 months costs $29, 1 year will cost $39, and the full package with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Embed PDF support is $59.

10. Real Media Library

Here’s one of the best paid media libraries which features convenient and stylish interface. With Real Media Library, you can quickly drag and drop files, modify folders, change names and descriptions. The plugin supports cross-browser compatibility. The basic package for 6 months costs $25 and you can buy an extra 6 months for $7.5.

Final word

If you are going to organize folders in an advanced way, feel free to choose any of the plugins listed above or look for others in the WordPress catalog. Check their features and define which of them might be helpful particularly for your website. Enhance how your website looks and functions by managing different types of media.


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