Looking for WordPress Hosting? Here are the 6 Best Features


In the world of blogging, WordPress is definitely one of the most popular programs. And due to its familiarity, you get full access to certain features like plugins, tools, ad-support, etc. from complex to entry level, a wide range of websites on the internet run on the WordPress CMS these days.

For WordPress websites, WordPress hosting is designed particularly. Due to the careful optimization and augmentation, the OS and software environment of hosting plans for the WordPress sites are a bit costlier than the basic shared hosting plans. It is so because the website may run smoothly without any slowdown.

Shared Hosting Starting At Just

In this article, we will share six unique features that a best WordPress hosting setup offers. So, you need to make sure if you have found the fastest web hosting that fits your needs.


1. Website Statistics

First off, we’ll discuss this most important feature that may give you an insight regarding the traffic on your website – the number of visitors and other significant demographics. There are a lot of providers that help you with it for free, but still there are some who don’t do so. You need to pay some bucks for getting such information.

For managing you WordPress website effectively, you must have to check stats. The information includes the number of sub domains, SQL databases, usage of disk space and much more.

You must take advantage of the feature as having detailed logs about the website is very important for your online presence.

2. Email Accounts and Its Features

Email accounts are very crucial for online business entities. When you setup an eCommerce website with the domain name of your company, you definitely have to buy some email accounts with that similar registered domain name. Most of the web hosting services help you providing email accounts and also setting it up.

These professional email accounts have a deep impact in the industry. All you have to do is simply consider the number of accounts your web hosting provider offers.

In this regard, some hosting providers limit the number of mailing accounts. Hence, the best way of availing this facility is opting for the providers that help you with the unlimited mailboxes.

3. High Up-time of the Website

A website’s up-time is that time when the visitors land on the website and explore it without any problem. The concept is workable in two ways:

  1. Firstly, if the website of your project is not really big, you must prefer going for shared hosting with no chance of getting 100% of up-time. Here, 98% is common as well as good enough.
  2. Secondly, if your project is big, better go with the dedicated servers that give you the maximum up-time that state it as 99.9999% usually. The percentile with six NINE represents the least downtime.

Hence, the downtime is another important concept that makes the hosting provider unique as per the specifications of customers.

4. Bonus Advertising Credits

It is another unique feature that a lot of customer miss to focus while purchasing hosting for the website. Many web hosting providers, in the current situation, offer free credit for advertising that gets significantly important since you are not required to assign a budget for your website’s advertising separately.

Along with Google, such advertising credits can be utilized in many other search engines to gain traffic and place your ads. Either you can avail these credits on a recurring basis or as an add-on incentive for signing up. No matter what the case is, you are allowed to expand your online business by increasing the traffic and reach of your website. Other than ad credits, you can submit your website to the search engines and boost your traffic by availing the services of hosting providers.

Find you web hosting provider wisely and enjoy the world of e-commerce with free traffic.

5. Unlimited Disk Space and High Traffic

Because people don’t pay much attention to disk space and the traffic limit that hosting server provide, it is another dominant feature of its kind. The area on the server where your database of the WordPress and other files are stored is known as disk space. As the content on your website increases, the disk space consumption is also increased and you have to purchase more of it from the hosting providers sooner or later.

The same goes with the website traffic too. But if you have a small website, then your interest might not be possible. Yet, it is an important feature. If the traffic has reached the limit hosting providers offering, it may stop responding. So you need to keep an eye on your bandwidth and your website’s traffic speed limit.

6. Managed WordPress Support

The support offered with your WordPress hosting needs to be reliable as well as quick. The system administrators should be well versed with the OS environment so you don’t need to worry about website migration. They must be responsible enough for maintaining, upgrading and optimizing the hosting set-up.


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