A Journey between the IT Cities – The Hyderabad to Bangalore Road Trip


Hyberabad and India’s Silicon Valley – Bangalore and Hyderabad share one common thread amongst many others. Both cities are vibrant cultural hubs and are crucial to the economy of the region. The Hyderabad to Bangalore route is a popular one – open highways cutting across the Deccan and passing by many districts, villages, and towns. On the way, there are many interesting locations worth a stop. Here are some of the best detours to add some spice to the Hyderabad to Bangalore journey.

Attractions on the Route

The best way to travel from Hyderabad to Bangalore is via the NH44. It is around 576 kms in a rough north-southwest direction. Kurnool district which falls on the way has a major attraction where one can enjoy a picturesque detour. The city scape is defined by the Konak Reddy fort, whose bastions can be climbed to enjoy panoramic views of the entire town of Kurnool.

The Konda Reddy Fort was built in the 12th century when the region was part of the glorious Vijayanagar empire. The three-level fort continued to be of strategic importance with later rulers and gets its name from its most famous prisoner – Konda Reddy, who incidentally also managed to escape. He may have lost his kingdom to the Kurnool Nawab but his name now defines the most important site of this town.

More than midway on the road to Bangalore comes the next important stop – Anantapur town and district. The ISCKON temple here is a revered site and its scale and beautiful architecture is also another reason to visit. In Anantapur district, one can drive to the ruins of the Gooty Fort. The oldest parts of the fort are more than 900 years old. On the summit, one can find remnants of a temple and old prisons that were used during the British times.

Before the final stretch to Bangalore, Lepakshi offers a wondrous cultural experience. This village is known for its old temples, well-preserved examples of South Indian temple architecture. The Veerabhadra Temple was built during the Vijayanagara period and highlights here include paintings and a hanging pillar. A couple of hundred metres away from the temple, one will find a large Nandi Bull statue carved out of granite.

Bangalore Approaches

As the traveler gets closer to Bangalore city, there is one more interesting detour. Looming at 1500 metres above sea level, the Nandi Hills are the last natural recluse before one enters the garden city. A sunset watch here is recommended.

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