The Top 5 Outdoor Jobs To Have


In the modern world, one can find a job anywhere. However, there are very few jobs that allow people to work in the outdoors. The ones that do get to work outside rake in the benefits of healthy and clean air. Some of these jobs allow you to go explore the wilderness like state park rangers, geologists, marine biologists, adventure tour guides, surf instructors, among many other great outdoor jobs. Let’s get our list of the best five jobs to have outdoors.

1. Park Ranger

If you have a great desire to work in the outdoors, you need to find out how to become a park ranger. If you are lucky enough to become a park ranger, then chances are good that you’ll be in the wilderness helping people and animals. They get to enjoy the outdoors daily. While some drive jeeps, others drive carts that get them through the woods. This is to help them see if anything is amiss while they take in the scenic beauty. This is a job that anyone would love to have. You can direct tourists to all the spots and help keep the national parks in good shape.

2. Adventure Tour Guide

An adventure tour guide has a bevy of sub-branches to their job. On one hand, they might give people a tour of the mountain. They can also give people a ride on a cart and talk about landmarks in the wilderness. However, the most impressive and most sought-after part of the adventure tour guide are the ones that give white water rafting lessons. These instructors take people on a fun, scary, thrilling adventure down some of the many rivers. They give tips on the how-to’s of the white-water raft, and they also show the guests the beauty on either side of the river.

3. Surf Instructor

Being a surf instructor can be a fun job. You get to sit outside on the beach and teach children and adults how to surf all day. Besides that, they get to swim all day. This is a good job to have because you can meet tourists, honeymooners, locals, and more. Their job is rewarding because when someone finally learns how to surf, and you got them to that point, the instructor would feel proud of the person and the job that they both have done. So maybe you could be a surf instructor if you know how to surf that is. It’s a rewarding and exhilarating job.

4. Geologist

This job is for people who love exploring the earth. You need a background in physics, chemistry, biology, and science studies to be a geologist. Their job is to study the earth. More specifically, they study the soil, rocks, atmosphere, air, weather patterns, lakes, rivers, and oceans. This job can take them anywhere. This is a great job for being outdoors. If you love hiking, this would be the job for you.

5. Marine Biologist

With this profession, you must be knowledgeable about geology, physics, oceanography, and biology. They study plants, animals, fish, mammals, and anything that you can find underwater. They spend a vast majority of the time in the lab, but when they get to go outside, they take in their scenery. With all of the things they study living in water, they get to swim and scuba dive all day. That isn’t bad for a day’s work. If you were told to go swim underwater and find living samples, would you not love your job?

So with the list of the top five outdoor jobs complete, which one would you choose? Any one of them would be great to have because you’re in the wilderness or water all day. If you love being out in the fresh air and the wilderness, then a park ranger job is the right fit for you. If you like surfing, try out being a surf instructor. If you like science and being outside, then try being a geologist. Like swimming all day and learning new aquatic creatures? Try your hand at marine biology. An adventure tour guide has more than one job, so that would be fun to have too. However, the best part about working outside is that it has benefits for your health. It creates a low-stress environment for you to work in.


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