Astounding Home Decor Trends for 2019


Sprucing up your home is always a great idea because it is a repository of all your family memories. A beautiful home that incorporates new decorating patterns, along with stylish timeless pieces, looks fresher and feels more relaxing. Investing in home decorating is always a must-do if you don’t want your house looking dated, old, and dreary. Watch out for these 2019 design trends that will make your home better than it was before:

Velvet Furnishings

Velvet was seen as old-fashioned and stuffy. However, in this modern world, velvet has made a comeback and is now considered a luxurious and comforting fabric. This texturized material that feels silky-smooth to touch has gained a lot of attention, leading many interior designers to incorporate it in their bag of tricks. You can use this for your home in small pieces like throw pillows. You can also go for an eye-catching piece by using it as your bed headboard cover. All you need to do is to get your full-size bed dimensions so that you can buy the right amount of fabric that you need for the headboard.

Natural Elements

Veering away from the tech-based décor trends last year, this 2019 trend moves towards the use of more fresh, natural materials and colors. Incorporating browns, greens, and other earthy tones for your chosen paint palette and other design accents is totally en vogue. You can also include earth-inspired accents like wallpapers, throw pillow covers, or area rugs. On top of that, accents of stone, copper, concrete, and granite are great to make as cutting-edge centerpieces. To illustrate, you can use one side of your wall and decorate it with a stone pattern to attract attention. All these elements work together to make your urban abode more natural. They bring a more serene ambiance to your space because nature is always a welcome component into your home.

Artisanal Fixtures

In terms of lighting fixtures, many interior designers have noticed that there is a shift to custom pieces. More and more prefer fixtures that come from local artists and small businesses to jazz up their homes. Artisanal fixtures will add a more luxurious and classy feel to your house. The hand-crafted quality will work best if you want to give your space a more personalized touched. Investing in these kinds of fixtures is worth it because they will most definitely shift your eye’s focus wherever you decide to place them. With these attention-grabbing light fixtures hanging from your ceiling, standing from the floor, or sitting proudly as a desk lampshade, your guests will find them delightful and give you something to talk about.

Geometric Patterns

Incorporating geometric patterns is nothing new since they have been appreciated in the past. For this new year, however, geometric patterns are once again making waves as they offer you a chance to go for a striking and bold look. You can use oversized patterns to create a dramatic presence. Choosing this trend to highlight any room will help you make a striking statement. One easy yet ultra-chic way to use this pattern in your home decoration efforts is to add geometric throws. For a more stunning and conspicuous display, you can opt to use geometric patterns in your tiles as your accent piece for your bathroom or kitchen. You can even use a cute geometric pattern for your backsplash and tie its colors with your cabinets.

Concrete Accents

Concrete is not just for the construction zone. In 2019, this industrial design steps into many homes as a part of the decor. Concrete, in all its bare glory, has the power to provide a crisp and clean look that is very easy to complement with any color, material, or pattern. Take note that this material is not just for your counter tops. It is now fashionable to have bare concrete floors and walls a part of a minimalist design approach.

Floral Patterns

This traditional design method is always a good idea. From bold, giant flowers to tiny, pretty ones, you can use this design feature for your wallpaper, curtains, throw pillows, table runners, and more. Just make sure that you do not go overboard and use these busy prints as accents to your space.

There are many other design trends out there that you can use for your homes, but so far these trends above are the current favorites. Just make sure you get swatches and samples and place them side by side on your mood board to see if all your design choices will work together.


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