Top 12 Ways To Drive More Blog Traffic From LinkedIn


Say, you are a successful businessperson who has achieved this success through hard work and had to make a lot of mistakes on the way, because there was no one to give you good advice. Not that there was no advice whatsoever, but it has always been mostly generic, ambiguous, and confusing. As the kind-hearted person, you decide that you don’t want anybody to make the same mistakes that you made in your time, so you choose to help those young and aspiring newcomers by giving them some truly useful advice.

As an experienced businessperson, you know that the best way to share your business insight is through a blog. You most probably have a LinkedIn profile, but you are a busy person so you cannot afford devoting to it as much time as you feel it deserves. Yet, your guts are telling you that LinkedIn is the best place to share the ideas and insights from your blog and thus drive attention to it. And once again, you see the same generic recommendations leaving you just a tad confused as to where to even begin.

Well, not this time! Here are the comprehensive and effective tips on attracting more traffic to your business blog with the help of LinkedIn.

1. Build a strong presence

Creating a LinkedIn identity comprises two significant parts:

– your personal profile.

– your company page.

Mind that both these pages need to be filled 100%. If you fall short on time to do it yourself, consider employing third-party assistance from professional resume writing services.

While this will do little to drive more audience to your blog directly, it will increase the awareness of your blog among your readers. This way, they will get used to keeping it in their minds sooner.

3. Connect to everyone you know without excluding anybody

LinkedIn is not like Facebook or Twitter where you can safely unfriend or unfollow somebody just because you don’t like what they are posting. LinkedIn is about business and professionalism which leaves little room for emotion.

Instead, the more connections you have, the more exposed your posts are. It is also not forbidden to connect with people whom you find interesting, but have not actually met yet.

4. Write regularly

It is vital to be active and show your presence at all times. Be recommended to engage in conversations with your connections on all occasions, but not without occasion, because you don’t want to be regarded as a spammer.

Also, post updates at least 2-3 times a week, but don’t make them all of them just links to your blog, because you don’t want your connections to feel like you are imposing those links onto them. Keep it relevant.

5. Plan your posts ahead

It is a good idea to create a schedule of posting so you could give it proper thinking in advance, as opposed to posting just anything in a rush just because you have to.

6. Join relevant groups and be an active member

LinkedIn groups are great platforms to get yourself exposed to broader audiences. Groups are the places where people from all over the world who share common interests interact and socialize. There are over 1.5 million niche groups on LinkedIn, so surely you will find enough of those that fit your theme perfectly.

7. Start your own group

If you feel like the groups that you have joined and where you communicate with your colleagues and kindred spirits are only partially relevant to your interests, you are always welcome to create a group of your own and be the boss of it yourself.

8. Keep all your posts engaging

LinkedIn is a social network, and just like any other social network, it is an aggressive environment. So, you need to be somewhat aggressive too. Even when a post is interesting, your connection will most likely just read it and then keep scrolling. They will forget about this post the next minute. A good post is more than just interesting. It must be engaging, it must invite people to a conversation. A good way to accomplish that is by including a question. You are also welcome to touch upon a controversial topic, perhaps even with some shock value.

9. Go off-topic

You do not need to stick to your theme in your posts strictly at all times. You do not want to seem like a nerd of some sort. Reveal your beautiful multi-angled personality and your diverse interests. It a great way to appeal to people.

10. Share relevant links to your blog posts in private conversations

It is a good idea to go personal at times. So, whenever a topic pops up in a private conversation that is relevant to a particular post in your blog, – go ahead and share it. It may seem like just one visitor is not worse the effort, but this is a drastically wrong idea. By sharing links with people personally you show your human nature, and there are few things more appealing than that.

11. Keep an eye on the influencers

Create a list of the influencers relevant to your theme or just interesting, and follow them. Repost their articles now and then, and comment on their posts, occasionally dropping links to your blog.

12. Make sure your blog visitors can easily share your blog posts on LinkedIn

Remember to add the LinkedIn share button to your blog posts. Even when a visitor finds a certain blog post particularly interesting and wants to share it with their circles, they may be reluctant to do it the old-fashioned way – by copying and pasting. This is where the LinkedIn share button become priceless.


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