Top Tech CEOs and 5 Astonishing facts About Them

On the off chance that you at any point had a Company or Organization, or ever perused around one, you may know about that What is CEO and why it is known as The Chief.

A Chief Executive Officer (CEO), is the most astounding positioning individual in the organization, who is in charge of all the administrative choices which may Share of the company, incomes or different components. A CEO might be portrayed as the Backbone of the Company.
We have found in the Past that one wrong choice may lead you to either top or base of this Technology World. For Example, if any CEO of the organization would have chosen to put the couple of thousand dollars into Bitcoins couple of years back (utilising his long term vision), you can imagine how much esteem his/her organization would have been accepting starting at now.
There were few organizations which were begun in garages and now they are the big enchiladas in the business.
Here we are giving some intriguing Facts about the Top 5 Tech CEOs of the World who are driving the changing World is experiencing.


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1. Sundar Pichai:

 AAhhh…!!! This man is my top pick. Maybe, everyone’s top pick. Born in a middle-class Indian Family, an Electrical Engineer, now driving the most intense tech organization. His story from his Interview by Larry to supplanting the place which Larry had appears like a fantasy to us which everybody wants to live.Google Chrome, Android OS and so forth. All were begun and now being created under him. His Vision and love for Technology have made him achieve this far. President of Google.

2. Elon Musk:

 He is actually the One-man Army. A genuine beau of innovation and the man who demonstrates wrong that one man must be the ace in one Technology.A brisk truth around him is that he used to peruse 2 books for each day in his high school. Can you imagine..?? That implies on the off chance that you have finished 1 book in a month, he is 60 times superior to anything you.He learns and implements Technology extremely fast.Tesla, SpaceX, Introducing Hyperloop and the one alluded to be Trillionaire

 3. Satya Nadella:

You recollect Bill Gates..?? Yes the man who gave another intending meaning to the word “Windows”.. on the off chance that you have ever utilised a Windows Laptop, precisedSatya is the brain behind it now. He is the person who supplanted Bill Gates and moved toward becoming CEO of the highest Software organization in the World.It was Gates who saw such a great amount of Potential in him and made him his successor. Nadella is presently driving Microsoft with his fprecise vision.

 4. Mark Zuckerberg:

Recently a video got viral in which a little kid is getting upbeat on getting confirmation in Harvard. Who knew this kid will get his degree finished in 13 years. Yes, you heard it right.. 13 long years he held up to get his degree finished. Author and the man behind the Social Media Revolution in this world. A man with the worth of more than 60 Billion and World’s no 1 Site, Hardcode Coder who began a Website for his College and Dropped out due to same. This year he Invented his Jarvis as well.CEO of Facebook, Passionate runner, Best CEO and so forth.

5. Jeff Bezos

 Have you at any point pondered Amazon was begun in a carport. Presently you can arrange everything without exception from that site. They are the person who is currently wanting to dispatch Drones in their conveyance model, to make it totally automated.Jeff is the man in charge of each buy you make at Amazon. An American engineer,inventor, and humanitarian who is best known as the author, administrator, and CEO of Decided on 1$ Salary, he is attached to philanthropy too.


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