8 Tips to Travel with Your Partner


Are you planning the first vacation with your partner? Here is the recipe so that your trip is free of fights and returns more in love than ever.

If you have traveled with your partner before, you know that it is not the same to see your boyfriend for a few hours, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together every day. When you travel with your partner you have the opportunity to get to know her better, this implies that the other person’s virtues and faults become more visible, but above all, it checks if a couple is truly compatible.

1. Be clear about the purpose of the trip

They say that talking is understood by people and it is true. Therefore, before choosing your destination and planning the trip, it is very important that both of you are clear about what you want to do during your visit. If your partner wants to go shopping in the same trip and you would like to kayak in a wild river, you will have to find a balance so that both can do the things they like or wish to visit.

Each couple finds their own balance: some are accompanied to do what the other wants; others separate at some point during the day; some more organize several trips (one for shopping, another for kayaking), and so on. Each one must find the formula that best suits the couple’s style.

First of all, be honest; do not accept something that you really will not do. The lack of sincerity during the trip will lead you to unnecessary fights that you can avoid.

2. Budget

You must be clear that money is not a condition to enjoy. However, it is important that both parties have the same idea about the budget to spend. If one wants to make a luxury trip in five-star hotels and the other prefers hostels, beware, it is better to make it clear from the beginning!

In the same case with the restaurants, attractions and the activities of the destination and attraction, they must decide the budget before leaving home. There are already many tourist sites that allow you to buy tickets online that are a great option.

3. Do not be afraid to separate

When traveling with your partner remembers that you are a couple, not siblings. So you do not have to spend the 24 hours together. In fact, it is very healthy to separate in moments to do different things.

4. Have your own opinion

During a trip, as in life, it is important that you have and defend your opinion. It is part of your personality and the reason why your partner chose you. You do not limit yourself to delegating your partner all the decisions during the trip. The vacations are of the two and the two parties must have an opinion about it.

5. Do not try to impose your opinion above all things

Having your own opinion is very good, but remember that a) your opinion is worth as much as that of another person, neither more nor less, just the same; and b) having an opinion does not mean being right.

So do not try to impose your opinions and tastes by force. In the balance is usually the right: today for you, tomorrow for me. Have an opinion, yes, but also the willingness to yield when necessary.

6. Do not reproach

The “I told you so”, “we had to have done the other instead of this” or “if you had …” complaints do not contribute anything. They only recriminate and give an extra bad vibes to a situation that can not be changed.

Instead of recriminating things to your partner, look for a solution together. Remember that the responsibility of the trip is of both.

7. Surprise your partner

A surprise implies effort, attention from the other person, shows that you care and that you are capable of returning your wonderful life. Take the holidays to surprise your partner.

It can be a dinner in that special place and a little more expensive than normal; it may be that balloon flight that you are only going to do once in a lifetime; maybe wake up early to see sunrise together. It can be anything you can think of, but mainly, that you can enjoy together.

8. Remember the time that you are

Because life, there is only one, there is no time to lose! Remember that the time to be happy is now and if you have a partner it is because that person makes you happy and you want to make that person happy. Think of how lucky you are to be able to enjoy a few days of vacation together, without schedules, without stress, in a new place (not everyone has the fortune or enough money to be able to afford such a thing nowadays).

And if this is not the case, if you do not feel any of the previous emotions, if during the trip you spend more discussing than enjoying, counting the hours to return to your routines and not see each other again, then maybe it’s time to start planning Another destination in the journey of your life.


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