A List Of 14 World’s Deadliest Tourist Destinations!


Are you an adventure lover who wants to challenge his limits? If yes, then we have some of the most dangerous places on our list that can offer you enough doses of adventure. Here they are:

1. Yosemite National Park, USA

Visiting Yosemite National Park can be a call of death for the hikers. So you really have to test the waters before you head to this place. What challenges your hiking skills is the Half Dome that you have to surpass to reach the top. The cliff has claimed 60 lives up till now.

Apart from being extremely dangerous, the area is also prone to extreme weather conditions that can challenge your endurance level. The rain makes it even more difficult for the hikers to climb the rocks.

So you need to gear yourself with all the necessary stuff, such as metal cables, enough ration, and proper outfit before you make an attempt to surmount this dangerous cliff.

2. Colorado River

Spread over a sprawling area of 1450 miles and surrounded by a humongous mountain range, the Colorado River is a tourist attraction for adventurers who love water sports. The place is a favorite spot for rafters and they flock to this place to get some fun.

However, the serene water of the river can turn deadly during heavy rain. The melting down of the snow is another reason it is a nasty place for the rafters. But if you can’t resist your temptation to visit this place, you must get in touch with the local meteorologist before you set your journey in this place.

3. Cliffs of Moher

Thousands of people visit Cliffs of Moher to see the scenic beauty of the Atlantic Ocean that it borders to 14 kilometers. What makes the people vulnerable is the cliff that is not protected by any fence. There is only a waist-high wall to keep the visitors from standing at the edge of the cliff.

There is also a passage for people to walk and see the beauty of the scene. It is a highly unsafe zone for adventures as any little mistake can result in a mishap.

4. Mont Blanc

This huge mountain range is the highest peak in Europe. Extreme weather, abrupt rock falls, and inexperience make you vulnerable on this place. So if you want to go for a hiking experience, you are at the mercy of God. The peak has claimed lives of approximately 100 people every year which is more than the Mount Everest. Surmounting this peak is a real challenge for even the veteran and experienced trekkers. A total of 30,000 hikers visit this place and only a few of them made it to the peak.

5. El Caminito Del Rey

El Caminito Del Rey is one of the most dangerous walkaways that have claimed many lives in the past. The walkaway is three feet wide and three hundred feet tall. It was made of concrete and the steel rails.  The pathway was closed down for more than a decade as it needed repairs.

It was reopened in 2015 and soon it attracted the adventures who flocked to this place to do some action. El Caminito Del Rey is featured in a few Hollywood films as well.

6. Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park

Surrounded by two active volcanoes, Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park is visited by tourists all over the world for a hiking experience. The place is notorious for the lava vents that have claimed many lives in the past. The lava releases many toxic substances that waft through the air and pollute the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and hydrochloric acid are the major constituent that intoxicate the air and cause serious damage to the people. The place is particularly dangerous for people with cardiovascular and respiratory disorders.

7. Alnwick Gardens

Located in the town of Alnwick (England), the Duchess of North umberland ordered the creation of Alnwick Gardens in 1750. A portion of the garden was allocated to include the species of the poisonous plants. The idea was to educate the people about the negative effects of drugs.

The plants in the garden include cannabis, cocoa, and many other intoxicating plants. The visitors are not allowed to touch or smell the plants. There are cases of people who collapsed as a result of the poisonous odor of the plants. So if you are curious to go to this place, you have to enter the garden at your own risk.

8. The Danakil Desert, Eritrea

The Danakil Desert is one of the deadliest sites in Africa. The place is notorious for its volcanic geysers. The Danakil Desert is spread over an area of 136, 956 square kilometers and its temperature can rise beyond 50 °C. Due to the high temperature of the place, it is considered among the hottest places on Earth. The atmosphere of the place is contaminated by the toxic gases. The Danakil Desert prohibited for visitors without a guide.

9. lha da Queimada Grande

Commonly known as Snake Island, this place is situated off the coast of Brazil and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The place got its nickname due to the abundance of deadly snakes. The existence of venomous snakes in this place has made it one of the dangerous places on Earth. The government of Brazil has closed the places for the public in view of the danger to lives from snakebite.

10. Acapulco

Acapulco is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. It has the second highest murder rate in the world. The rampant crime rate has seriously scaled down the tourism in this city. US Ministry of Tourism strictly warns its citizens about visiting Acapulco and has set instructions that every American should follow while they are on the mainland Acapulco.

So if you plan a visit to this crime-ridden city, be sure to follow the security measures set by your government.

11. Praia De Boa Viagem

Praia De Boa Viagem is a den of sharks that hunt humans for food. It was a tourist attraction in the past and thousands of tourists would visit this beach for its crystal-clear water, scenic beauty, and cheerful nightlife.

It was after 1992 that the area became infamous for shark attacks. The majority of the attacks were blamed on Bull Shark. Although the area is under the surveillance of lifeguards, it is only a matter of timing that you survive a shark attack. To ensure safety, you need to check with the local authorities about the safe timings to swim on the beach.

12. Skellig Michael

The shooting site of the famous Star Wars series, Skellig Michael can make you skip your heartbeat during the entire journey to this site. Rough water, crumbling rocks, and stormy atmosphere are what make the journey a ghastly experience for the visitors. Nonetheless, the place is visited by many visitors who want to have a blast.

Situated at 8 miles off the coast of Portmagee, Skellig Michael is 714 feet above sea level. The weather is often windy and cloudy, while the rain is a common occurrence in this area.

13. Fraser Island

Don’t get besotted by the subliminal beauty of this place as it is the inhabitant of some of the deadliest creatures on Earth. Ferocious dingoes, killer spiders, deadly jellyfish, and fierce sharks are some of the creatures that can end your life in a matter of seconds.

The largest sand island in the world, the place is protected by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

14. Death Valley

If there is hell on Earth, it has to be this place. The scorching sun and rugged mountain terrain can make anyone feel dog-tired and exhausted. Visiting this place without enough water can kill you in no time.


The aforementioned places are some of the dangerous spots in the world. Hope, you find them interesting enough to get more knowledge about.


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