How Tech Is Improving Non-Digital Marketing


There is no doubt that technology has transformed modern marketing techniques.

The advent of the internet and social media has given brands the ability to directly advertise to consumers based on incredibly accurate and comprehensive data collection, which analyses the most suitable candidates based on previous buying habits, their personal tastes, and demographics.

While marketers had to advertise to vague demographics (such as particular magazine readership or location) in the past, they can now target specific individuals. Again, the results speak for themselves.

Of course, you might imagine that non-digital marketing would have suffered or died out completely as a result of technological advances.

This is not the case.

In fact, the proliferation of digital marketing means that users are arguably more responsive to a powerful non-digital marketing campaign than in the past. Like anything, people focus on what is out of the ordinary, and non-digital marketing is certainly becoming that.

This is how tech is improving non-digital marketing:

It means you can access specialist branding experts online

One of how tech is improving non-digital marketing is through greater accessibility. Thanks to the ability to collaborate with branding specialists online, it has never been easier to find non-digital marketing services.

You could, for example, use a web service to design and order your own custom converse shoes, which can be branded with your company logo. This direct access to the best non-digital branding specialists in the world at the click of a button makes the ability to execute an impactful marketing campaign much easier.

Your ad campaigns can go viral

A fantastic aspect of having the option of both digital and non-digital marketing strategies is that you can combine the best elements of the two.

Publicity stunts have always been powerful when they are intelligent and well-judged, but now they have the potential to go viral far faster and end up reaching far more people.

In the past, a publicity stunt or distinctive ad campaign (such as on advertising hoardings) might travel via photographs, newspaper coverage, or word of mouth. Now, all it takes is for someone to upload a photo or video to social media, and you can quickly reach thousands or even millions of people.

You could even create social media coverage to drive attention towards a non-digital marketing campaign, which will help fan the flames even more.

It allows you to be bolder with non-digital marketing

Another way tech is improving non-digital marketing is that it takes the pressure off any ‘real world’ advertising. Now that most marketing is done online, you can afford to take more risks and be bolder in your non-digital marketing.

You could do this in any number of ways, whether it is giving away distinctive merchandise, staging a controversial publicity stunt, or simply creating very memorable advertising banners.

In the past, it may have been tempting to play it safe because you had no other way of reaching your target market. Today, the opposite is true, with non-digital marketing being used as the wild card option if necessary.


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