Best Socks: Check out the Types and Their Importance


Get ready, we are going out. As soon as you hear this line, your eyes will roll down and find all those fashion-trendy clothes out from the closet. You’ll get your jeans out, shirt, shoes, and whatnot. However, little importance is given to socks which can play a decisive role in your outlook. You have a number of factors to rely on when you choose your sock, namely color, pattern, material quality, etc. They are the most basic item of your outlook and despite that fact, they are found everywhere except their designated place. (Yes, under the beds as well!). If you are keen to know about various types of best socks and how important these socks are, read on.

Types of Socks

Knee High Socks

Knee high socks are not generally worn on casual occasions. They are mostly used by professional athletes and diabetic patients. Certain people involved in the medical profession also have these knee high socks as their uniform. As it helps in providing cushion, they prove helpful in regulating blood circulation in the feet of diabetic patients. Previously, women used to wear it during winters as it had an extra layer to add warmth.

Ankle Socks

Also widely known as low cut socks, ankle socks are perfect to pair up with loafers or boat shoes. If you are having blisters frequently, you can wear these socks as it can protect you from it. As the name suggests, it only covers the ankle area so many people prefer these socks in the summer.

Calf Length Socks

Calf length socks are a bit long, and cover till your calf muscles, just below the knee. In today’s time, it is a thing in trend as many women prefer it as it looks alluring with skirts and short dresses. During the winter, it can add protection to your legs by providing an additional layer of warmth.

No Show Socks

These socks are much thinner and lighter than normal socks. They are not slippy. It creates an invisible wear inside your footwear and is best suited with loafers, boat shoes, sport shoes etc. No worries for skin damage and also for odor with them. It can be used for both women’s and men’s socks.

Thigh High Socks

As the name suggests, these socks come above your knee area upto your thighs. Mostly worn by women, these socks can be worn with skirts, shorts, and dresses. In colder regions, people opt to wear these socks to keep their legs warm. As it covers a large area of the legs, it helps to provide protection against the bitter cold.

There are a wide variety of patterns available in these socks so you can choose one as per your choice. There are socks for sale running on many websites so don’t forget to check those offers to buy them at a low cost.

Mid-Calf Socks

As the name implies, these socks cover half the length of your calf. Earlier, we saw full calf length whereas this one is half the length. People wear it to keep their legs warm. You can choose from the different patterns available and select the one of your desired color.  Wool is the preferred material to make them to provide protection against cold. It is suitable for any physical activity as well as for parties and occasions.

Now, let’s have a look at the benefits that socks provide to us and why it is utterly important to wear them.

Benefits of Wearing Socks

Helps Get Rid of Smelly Feet

When you don’t wear socks, moisture inside your shoes won’t be absorbed and this will make your feet wet. Due to this, it will be smelly and people will be avoiding you due to the bad smell coming from your feet. Socks will absorb the moisture so it will keep your feet free from the wetness and bad smell.

Provides Protection to the Sole

When your feet stay in constant touch with the shoes, its sole rubs a lot and this can cause blisters on the sole skin. Such things need to be avoided by wearing the best socks of top quality.

Ringworms and Athlete’s foot

Both diseases can grow on your feet if you don’t wear socks. In fact, both are fungus which grows on your feet and you need to stop it. Wearing socks is utterly necessary to stop these diseases from occurring.

Looking to Buy Socks?

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