Why You Should Start Hammock Camping?


If you’ve ever wanted to go camping while getting a great night’s sleep then you should try sleeping in a hammock instead of a tent. You may have noticed more and more hammocks out in the wild recently and for good reason. They’re comfy, lightweight and affordable.But is hammock camping right for you?

Below are just some of the reasons why camping in a hammock may be perfect for you:

More Versatility

Hammocks provide more freedom of location in terms of where you will lay your head during night time. You can tie the hammock up between rocks and trees, beneath piers, on a hill, over a stream, next to a waterfall – almost anywhere is game. In addition to that, hammock does double duty on each of your trips. It doesn’t just only serve as a bed for sleeping, but also a lounger and a chair. Take time to read, nap, and relax with a hammock.


Hammocks are very affordable and an excellent value. At only a fraction of the cost of a tent, a hammock provides a versatile shelter that can be enhanced with various accessories to suit your need. Regardless of your budget, you’ll be able to find a hammock that suits your needs perfectly.

Space Saving and Lightweight

Compared to a tent, a hammock shaves off valuable weight from you backpack. Ultralight hammocks may weigh only 13 ounces, and a larger hammock complete with tarp and bug net may weigh around 30 ounces – heavier, but still a lightweight shelter for your trips. The modular nature of the hammock and its accessories means that if you are confident in the weather reports you can shave off further weight by leaving the tarp and bug net at home.

Very Easy to Set Up

Most hammocks are easy and straightforward to set up. A good hammock will come packaged with a set of tree straps and carabiners so you can get hanging quickly. You won’t have to struggle with stakes, poles or learning any complicated knots. After a long day of hiking, you’ll appreciate being able to get your hammock ready for relaxing in just seconds.


Some adventurers are not fans of tent camping because they love the feeling of looking up at the starry sky. If your goal when camping is to get as much as fresh air and nature as you can, hammock camping won’t leave you with any regrets. You’ll rock to the gentle breezes, stargaze in comfort, and fall asleep blanketed by silver moonlight. If the forecast calls for rain or you would want to sleep past sunrise, just place a rain tarp over the hammock and you’re covered.

You Can Use Your Regular Sleeping Pad and Bag

Hammocks require proper insulation, yet you do not have to spend a fortune to stay warm. You may also use the same bedding from tents including an insulated pad and a sleeping bag. Once you’re ready for more advanced insulation, look into under quilts and top quilts for an even better hammock camping experience.

Great Value

A lot of camping hammocks provide sturdy materials and construction and are as rugged as most high quality tents in the market. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose hammocks with simple features or the ones equipped with state-of-the-art features.

Leave No Trace

One of the reasons why hammock camping is much better than tents is that it leaves no trace. Hammocks may be set up in an impact-resistant place wherein the tents can’t comfortably go including rock fields and over boulders. Hammocks are suspended above the ground that reduces trampling at camp sites. Moreover, the ground no longer has to be cleared of twigs, rocks, and some offending discomforts, leaving the site in a much pristine condition. With a protective webbing strap, trees are protected from scarring and strangulation.

Hammock Camping is Plain Cool

Hammock camping is exciting and can be a great way to enjoy the wild places in a different way. Novel, while still being very useful, you’ll stand out among the other campers when sleeping in your hammock.

More Comfortable

Hammock camping allows you to sleep comfortably even on a rocky place as all you have to do is to hang it in trees. So, if you want to return home rejuvenated and well-refreshed, hammock is the best solution for you.

Other Primary Benefits of Hammock Camping

Get Quiet and Peace with Hammock Camping

You can get away from busy camping areas and look for solitude. It makes it much easier to relax in the campsite before bed and to get a better night of rest. If you do not want the crowded social scene found in a lot of park campsites, hammocks are a solution. The easy set up frees you up to use your hammock away from the more popular areas.

Avoid Rain Runoff and Creepy Crawlies

Since you’re suspended in the area, you won’t have to worry about being in the way of runoff from rain or being visited by curious critters at night. Enjoy the pitter patter of the rain on your tarp while knowing that you are safely suspended in your hammock.

Camp Near Water Much Easier

More often than not, many campers and backpackers choose an area where there’s a water source. If you are one of them, hammocks are advantageous as these will let you camp near water more conveniently and much faster, regardless if there’s a suitable ground campsite or not.

Although hammock camping offers great benefits to campers and backpackers, you have to remember that it has also some drawbacks and limitations. Unlike tents, hammock can only accommodate one person. You should also find strong enough trees to hang your hammock. But with the numerous benefits a hammock offers, if you find yourself curious about bringing one on your next adventure, you should strongly consider taking the plunge!


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