10 Best Locations to Surf


Maybe you surf, maybe you don’t, but everyone who visits the beach in recent times is sure to be influenced by the culture of surfing.

If you’ve ever enjoyed the music of the Beach Boys band and dreamed of a beautiful summer with bonfires and the baggy shorts with the perfect surfer girl or guy in your arms, the best surfing spots in the world matter. Make sure to visit a beach next time and plan on surfing rather than sitting with your toes planted firmly in the sand. With summer now in reach, plan your trip to any of these

10 best surfing spots of the world and make the best use of your vacations.

1. Canggu, Bali

The black-sand beach with only one food shack with rice paddies covering most of the area has now turned to a beautiful beach and an upcoming resort area. Though a little more crowded in the peak season, the wave is unchanged. The beach now has cafes and some chic places to stay. The shady shack here offers some amazing low-alcohol coolers, tasty vegan food and juices. As Bali’s expatriate surfing area and neighborhood, Canggu is one of the islands which has new bar openings, shops and the most amazing surf camps. The beach attracts surfers from all over the world.

2. Sennen Cove, Cornwall

With clear water and peace, Sennen Cove is a great vacation spot to do some soul-searching. It is situated one mile from the Land’s End and just eight miles from Penzance. The beach is also close to some of Cornwall’s spectacular attractions like Minack Theatre, Barbara Hepworth Museum, Tate St Ives, Geevor Tin Mine and many more. The beach boasts a laid-back surfing atmosphere, which adds beautiful surfing memories to your memories album. The beach is a great sports destination and has high-quality restaurants too nearby. There’s also a little harbour that supports a small fleet of fishing boats which is popular with families and surfers.

3. Hoddevik, Norway

Norway might not be the first country that comes to your mind when thinking of a surfing trip, but thanks to the latest wetsuit technology that not only makes surfing in the icy waters possible but also a whole lot enjoyable. Moreover, you can also enjoy the beautiful coastal landscapes and steep terrains as a backdrop. The beaches are rugged and wild with zero crowds. There are various packages that teach surfing at intermediate and expert levels. You can save your travelling amount via the Etihad offersand use it in learning to surf. Norway also provides many more adventurous activities to make your trip all the more enjoyable.

4. Waikiki, Hawaii


Though California might be the capital of surfing, Hawaii is where the sport was born. Hawaii is the spiritual home of Surfing. Also known as “spouting waters”, the beachfront of Honolulu is a great place for surfing as the water rolls up very gently, as well as the rides, are long, so when you stand up you really get to enjoy it. Moreover, you can also enjoy the Waikiki Aquarium and the Honolulu Zoo. After the sunset, the fun continues with the live music and amazing nightlife. Waikiki may also offer some delicious food and coffee benefits.

5. Lagos, Portugal

Located on the beautiful Western Algarve coastline, Lagos is placed so as to pick up swells from every direction. It has breaks for all levels of surfing. The beach Meia Praia is a great place for beginners and a 20 minutes’ drive from the west is a world-class point for experienced surfers. The attractive fishing towns boast delicious seafood restaurants. As Lagos is emerging as the favourite holiday’s destination it can be crowded on the vacation months. In addition to the beach, there are so many more destinations to visit which can be easily reached via the public transport.

6. El Paredon, Guatemala

Guatemala offers great waves as well as unspoiled beaches. So if you’re planning out a trip to do some soul searching, then Guatemala is a place to go! With less crowd and beautiful beaches, El Paredon is a great place to surf for anyone from an experienced surfer to a beginner. Cabins and camping places are offered near the beach, moreover, there are affordable lessons for surfing. El Paredon can accommodate most levels of a surfer, depending on the tide. The beach is encircled by mangrove trees and the turtle nests are on the black-sand beaches. The best part is that you can enjoy warm waters all year around.

7. Hossegor, France


Surfing at Hossegor beaches is not for the faint-hearted, but for strong and intermediates at one of the best waves of the world. The beach offers some of the warmest temperatures in Atlantic all year round. La-Shud in the south is more relaxing and a spot for beginners in surfing. The world-class waves offer some world class surfers and as a result, there’s no shortage of the perfect fun-filled nightlife. There are surfing lessons also if you fancy giving them a try. The great Lande forests also lie nearby for everyone who enjoys cycling.

8. Tofo Beach, Mozambique

Also described as the “next goa”, Tofo beach has definitely become a traveller’s favourite in the Southern African coast. The beach is unexplored for themost part due to its 2500 Km coastline, but from a wave riding point of view, the beach is a gem to the ones who love to surf. The beautiful stretches of beach, with blue waters washing the feet of the palm trees, the place is a great holiday destination. The beach offers small but pumping nightlife. As far as water sports are concerned the beach also offers diving and snorkelling along with surfing. There are some restaurants serving lip-smacking food too.

9. San Vicente De La Barquera, Spain


A refuge to the old fisherman, the San Vicente De La Barquera offers one of the most picturesque sites. Amidst the forests, cliffs, dunes, beaches, meadows on the coastline of Cantabria sits the village of San Vicente De La Barquera with its wonderful beach, which is perfect for a summer outing. The beach offers great conditions for learning and waves to satisfy the needs of an advanced learner. There are many seafood restaurants as well to satisfy the foodie inside you. The region is also famed for its cheese, ham and wine so do get your hands on them.

10. Sayulita, Mexico

The lush green forests meet the blue water waves, which are ridable and are a pleasure to the surfers. The beach is a silent hipster surfing as well as a pleasant place to relax. Colourful bar, cafes and galleries surround the beach, so you can wander in them besides surfing. The best part is that there are plenty of street food sellers which sell the original taco, so you get to savour the world’s best tacos along with surfing. There are many surfing schools here which teach surfing at an affordable price.


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