Get Detail Mechanism of Bitcoin Working


Bitcoin is a virtual currency (valuerecord). Although it is a virtual currency, it is actually valuable and is said to have a property close to that of gold. The feature is that there is no issuer like a central bank or a specific company. The only source of value comes from people’s trust, and many people believe it is worth it.

Bitcoin will be newly issued on the program. The upper limit is approximately 21 million BTC and cannot be modified (strictly, it can be changed with the consent of the majority of minors).

The upper limit is set to prevent inflation, it cannot be arbitrarily issued, and the speed of new issuance is programmed in advance.

Bitcoin is a word that describes Bitcoin concepts, protocols, and trading networks as a whole. bitcoin is a word that stands for Bitcoin itself.

Bitcoin mechanism

What you can do with Bitcoin is the same as with ordinary currencies. With Bitcoin, you can pay for goods and services, whether you are an individual or a company.

In other words, Bitcoin is just virtual money and is a kind of money that can be used like a normal currency.

The difference with currencies like the yen and the dollar is that payments in bitcoin must be done electronically. It’s natural because it’s a virtual currency without physical banknotes and coins.

Since Bitcoin makes electronic payments, you can easily send money via the Internet. You can send Bitcoin to people far away or even in front of you in a short time.

Decisive difference from yen and dollar

If the currency is exactly the same as the yen or dollar, there is no need to create a new currency.

The biggest difference is that there is no “central bank” to control the currency. In Bitcoin, there is no issuing organization or distribution management organization.

Bitcoin is not a virtual currency operated by a nation or a company. Even though it is a currency similar to the yen and the dollar, no country or company is involved in the issuance and distribution of bitcoins. This insane concept is the main feature of Bitcoin.

Who manages Bitcoin?

I said that it is a currency that is not controlled by the nation or companies, but who then issues Bitcoin and manages the distribution?

From a common sense point of view, it is only a mass of risk, such as a currency that no one controls. If anyone can arbitrarily issue a large amount of currency and become rich in that currency, the credit of the currency will be lost. Such unstable currencies do not circulate and no one finds value.

Bitcoin does not have central control, but instead uses a network of computers to control currency.bitcoin circuit is one of the best platforms for the bitcoin traders.

Bitcoin issuance of new currencies and transaction details are all distributed and stored on the computer network. Imagine that you have one large trading ledger with a record of all transactions made with Bitcoin.

This visualized record helps prevent currency forgery and double payments. All records remain, but they do not contain any personal information. Records exist solely to ensure the integrity of Bitcoin distribution.

If a particular organization maintained one large trading book, it would be the same currency as before. Bitcoin is a mechanism that eliminates central administration by placing that one large trading ledger on a network of distributed computers, rather than under the control of any particular organization.

One big transaction ledger to guarantee the integrity of transactions, but if the data is stored in a distributed manner, it is likely that transaction records will be inconsistent.However, Bitcoin has spread to this day because it created this solution.

Is it produced infinitely by mining (mining)?

The total amount of Bitcoin to be issued is predetermined. The amount issued by mining is also adjusted. Therefore, the design is designed to avoid the increase in the amount of issuance and the occurrence of inflation and confusion in an instant.

The total amount of Bitcoin issued is 21 million Bitcoin by 2140, and it will not be newly issued after that.


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