Go Glamping: It’s Camping For The Indoorsy Types



It conjures up images of well-heeled aristocrats lounging about in a champagne stocked cabin on a hunting trip in the Serengeti.

More often, the reality is a regular family looking to bring along some comforts of home while enjoying the Great Outdoors.

After all, not every nature lover wants to be the next incarnation of Bear Grylls.

If you are interested in seeing nature in its full glory, but not so interested in not showering for a week, then this guide is for you.

In this article, we will go over some tips and tricks to make your next camping trip a glamping trip to remember.

Glamping vs Camping

Glamping, as was mentioned, is much more comfortable than just regular camping. For families, it is a great way to go camping with kids to instill a love of nature in them. They might be adaptable, but sometimes a little bit of discomfort is enough to sour them on going camping.

If you want to continue camping as a family, then glamping is a good way to go.

It is also great for people who love the idea of being out in nature, but the overly rustic conditions put them off ever getting outdoors.

It is an excellent middle ground between pure adventurers and those that like to try something different than staying in posh hotels.

The Food

Most people who glamp are not ones that appreciate meals ready to eat or beef jerky. With the right set up you can enjoy some gourmet meals au naturel without too much fuss.

Bring along a foldable grill and a camp stove. You can boil water for your Ethiopian blend coffee on the stove and grill corn on the cob with a chili rub and a fine filet mignon on the grill, for instance. Be creative and plan ahead and you can have a restaurant quality meal under the stars.

The Bed

Sleeping is usually the biggest issue with people who don’t enjoy camping. Instead of sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag, try a comfortable hammock instead.

Air beds that can be folded up and carried in a backpack are also a nice way to stay cozy when at the pitch. If you can park your car at the campsite, then using the back of an SUV with a mattress is also a great way to spend the night.

The Shower

Showering is also a concern in the woods. If you have a pitch that includes running water, then you can use a portable tankless water heater to take a long, hot shower. Some of them are even battery powered so you can be off the grid.

Try a Cabin

You aren’t forced to sleep in a tent while camping. Though purists will insist it isn’t real camping, try staying in a remote cabin to get your feet wet with roughing it. If you decide nature is not for you then you don’t have to put any camping gear up for sale.


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