Start Fresh and Get the Most Out of Your Managed IT Services


When you start a small business, you may initially want to hire people who can literally do everything. They can write your content, manage your accounting, pack shipments, and check your inventory while coding your website. In fact, you may even try to do all of this yourself.

At some point, not only is this difficult for your employees, it is extremely inefficient. You realize that you need to expand and we understand if you simply don’t have what you feel you need to hire a new person and properly train them to take care of sensitive things like accounting and IT services.

This is where managed IT services in Fort Lauderdale come in. When you put your IT services in the hands of the professionals, you can save money and reduce your stress at the same time. More importantly, you can get back to what you’re good at and become more specialized (and, therefore, more efficient). This could actually increase your profit assuming you choose the right package.

If you have been running your own business and you are hesitant to make changes, you need help. If you are already using professional IT services, you may still want to take a second look. Here are a few red flags that should motivate you to consider outside IT support:

Why You Should Consider Switching to a New Managed IT Support Company

1Avoid Unreliably or Inadequately Managed IT Support

Even among those companies who understand the importance of proper IT support, it is ridiculously common for companies to accept less than perfect services. In some cases, the services you choose may not be equipped to handle a business of your size.

In other cases, it seems like they just don’t care. They make it clear that you are not the biggest fish in their pond or they simply offer minimal, lackluster services to everyone. Why offer extra support, especially in your time of need, when they could charge you more or not do the work at all?

Depending on which company you are talking about, this may be normal, but it shouldn’t be. While some companies fail to show up, other IT services are rising to the occasion and raising standards across the board. You can still save money without putting up with these inadequacies. But you will never know the difference if you don’t make the right switch.

2Get Rid of Outdated Technology

You don’t need to buy new computers every year. You could and computers do update themselves every year, quickly making many older models obsolete. It’s not necessarily about the features that are available if you buy a newer model. It’s about older computers that simply don’t perform the way they used to. It can be extremely expensive to fix them and you computers may not be worth enough to justify it.

When you can buy a new computer and pay less or only slightly more than you would pay to fix the computer you already have, you are better off investing in the new model, especially if you are experiencing frequent issues.

3Don’t Mix & Match Your IT

With years of experience in IT services, we find that many customers make one common mistake: they create an IT salad with their computers by replacing hardware and software without checking the compatibility settings. Yes, your computers may work with different parts that match the computer, but they are not necessarily fully compatible.

However, this does not mean that your parts work as efficiently as you would like. In addition, if something goes wrong, this hodgepodge of different parts actually makes any necessary repairs significantly harder. It can increase the time and cost to repair your computer leading to you throwing away money on both the repairs themselves and the lost productivity of any employee who normally uses that computer.

If you have questions or if you want to trust adjustments and parts replacements, we as professionals can help you to sort out the details and find the right parts.

4Don’t Forget about Power Protection

It may seem small, but for an experienced managed IT support service , an everyday practice like this can actually make a huge difference. Depending on where you live, power abnormalities should not be common. However, they do happen and they can actually damage your computer.

Things like computers are made to take a certain charge. When it suddenly gets a rush of power all at once, this could blow the battery in severe circumstances. What’s the solution? Buy a simple power extension cord that specifically protects anything plugged into it from power surges.

If you use power strips, you may want to check the online reviews to check on the company’s reputation. Their site may present a prettier picture than you will see when you are actually working with them. In addition, as the strip ages, it may become necessary to replace it. Just like anything else, a power strip becomes less effective as it ages and you may not know it until it’s too late. So replace your power strip every few years at the very least.

These are some of the most basic things that experienced IT professionals can do for you and ways in which we may recommend you help yourself.


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