Tips for Promoting Your Business on Social Media


Over the last few years, social media presence has emerged as an absolute must for every business owner. Promoting your business on social media is no longer optional now.

A lot of business owners still have the mentality that social media will not benefit them in any way. This is not entirely true. Social media will not only get you more money from your loyal customers but also help you in acquiring new ones.

Getting started on social media may seem challenging.  However, it is very easy. Once you get a hang of it and figure out what works best for your business, you will see how beneficial it is.

Tips for Social Media Promotion

Here are a few social media marketing tips that will help businesses of every size and niche:

1Define Your Goals

Before you get on all the social media platforms there are, there needs to be a social media strategy. You need to identify your business goals and reasons for getting on that particular platform.

Some businesses use social media to build brand awareness, engage customers, drive sales, and generate leads. While these may be the business goals of other businesses, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to opt for these too.

Think of your own reasons for being on social media and clearly define them. Once you decide your purposes and goals, creating content to post on social media platforms would get a lot easier.

2Create Business Profiles on Various Platforms

Facebook has been leading the way for many businesses. However,  having a business page on Facebook alone will not get you the results. It is important to be on as many social media platforms as possible.

Other social media platforms that have been used after Facebook are Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. But, you need to determine your target market first. If you are a B2B company, LinkedIn would be the most beneficial for you. If you are targeting  Generation Z, Snapchat or Instagram would be a better option.

To start with, Facebook is a great idea. It has about 1.5 billion active users and your target audience is likely using it. Once that’s done, you can move to other platforms, like YouTube. You can create a business video.  Use a  YouTube video editor to edit it and upload it on the platform. You can share this video on other platforms as well to increase engagement.

3Post Content Regularly

It is crucial to keep these accounts active. People will not follow you if you only post content once every few weeks.  The people already following your accounts or pages will not keep going back to check if you have posted something new.

Moreover, you need to post something regularly so that it appears on your followers’ timelines and homepages. Each time you post new content, it acts as a reminder to your followers that your brand exists. This is to ensure your existing customers remain your customers.

One of the reasons many businesses don’t post content regularly is because they don’t know what to post. If you see yourself falling in this category, check your goals and purposes. However, remember not to over-post. It may come across as spam to your followers and make them unfollow you.

4Create Ads

Ads work effectively when you want to target a particular group of people. You can use Facebook Ads for this. It allows you to target the audience based on several factors such as age, location, gender, marital status, interests, hobbies, etc.

You can also run video ads. Since videos are the most attention-grabbing form of content, it will help you maximize your reach.

5Encourage Interaction

Social media needs to be social. It’s not just for those who use the platform for fun.  Business owners trying to promote their businesses should also be active on their platforms. To encourage interaction, post content that people would like to see. Like and comment on other people’s posts. Ask questions on your accounts and pages.

Once you get a solid followers list, you can even try contests and giveaways. It will give your followers a reason to share your social media account or page with their friends and family.

6Make Your Content Worth Following

To make your marketing strategy a success, you need to have a lot of followers. This is important in order to convert your followers to consumers.

People will follow you on social media if:

  • Your products or services make them curious
  • They find your content entertaining
  • You offer exclusive discounts and deals
  • Their family or friends follow you

This is why it’s important to make your content worth following. Having more followers will also increase your chances of expanding your brand.

7Partner with Social Media Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing strategies in the digital world. When people hear the term ‘ influencers’, they assume celebrities and athletes. Yet,  that’s not entirely right. A social influencer means anyone who has a strong social media presence and a huge following.

If you own a small business and cannot afford a social media influencer, you can partner with micro-influencers to increase your brand awareness. These influencers may not have a huge following.  Yet, it will help you in some way or the other.

8Share Video Content

On social media, people prefer visual content over any other form of content. This is because it grabs people’s attention very quickly compared to written content. Everyone may not be a reader. They may not prefer reading long blogs or article posts. Nonetheless, everyone watches videos.

YouTube is your go-to platform for sharing video content. You don’t need to be a pro at creating videos. A simple video in an easy-to-understand way about your brand would work too. A simple video editor can be used to edit the videos that look professional.


No matter what size or niche your business is, social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand. Being on only one platform may not get you results. So, make your presence on multiple platforms. As long as your target audience is on that platform, you are good to go!



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