Top 5 SEO Tactics that Can Enhance Your Search Visibility


Keeping your SEO game always on point requires the proper implementation of techniques and tactics for better mobilization of the search visibility. Staying on the top amongst the ocean of contents needs to be done more carefully. The SERP is ever-changing and needs to be mastered with new and innovative techniques. It’s important to keep track of your page ranking for position awareness. Here are the 5 innovative tactics that you can use for better SEO boosting:

1Improve the entire user experience across your site

Google is improving day by day with its capability of determining the quality of your page. In case if the contents in your page take more time in loading, publishing weaker contents, you are most likely to lose your audience and potential conversions. Google offers better ranking to the pages with low bounce rates, as it thinks if a user spends more time on a page, then he/she has found it useful. This boosts the ranking and shows a better position in the search results. SEO Sydney can help you with better search results and improved traffic.

2Create easy to read posts

Increasing the readability of the content is much more important. The delivery of better content with error free spelling and grammar increases the value of the content. Using shorter paragraphs with 3-4 lines makes the passage interesting and less boring. But unnecessary break-ups in paragraphs are not at all useful, as they break the flow.

Mixing the sentence length is also helpful in this matter. Also, using the long length sentence and short length sentence alternatively offers optimum readability. Using subheadings and bullets makes the content more compact. Including photos, videos, and graphs, paves away the boringness of too many texts to create a more optimized impact.

3Use the systematic inverted pyramid writing style

Readers rarely reach the bottom of the page as soon as they get what they are looking for. The inverted pyramid writing style comes to aid in this case. You need to put the most important and valuable points at the top of the page. The flow will be continued through the less important information below. This will make your audience get what they want, which will eventually increase your rankings in the search engine.

4Use bucket brigades for a continuous flow

The bucket brigades refer to the series of words that keep the idea of the content relevant to the flow. This flow securing in the middle of an article keeps the reader’s interest continuous with the next paragraph. Using phrases like- “So what are you thinking?”, “Can I have your attention please…”, “Have you ever wondered why?”, “Do you want to know more?”, “Let me explain…”, “Let’s get started…”, etc.

These kinds of phrases have the potential to hold the flow with proper continuance, to navigate the interest among the readers. Using such phrases will make your content more flexible and user interactive.

5Make your web page more user-interactive

This is quite a bit tricky to track that determines the user experience, but quite an important tactic to boost your SEO. The high bounce rate indicates the poor visibility of your website. However, it’s tough to pinpoint the issues as they vary from one site to another. Use the user-testing tools to know about how users are interacting with your sites. Have a continuous monitoring session with the user’s behavior on your site and add improvements accordingly.


Staying relevant to the ever-changing SEO programs and algorithms is the best way to keep track of how to implement your ideas. Use the above-mentioned tactics to invite more improvement in the search results so that you can always stay on the top with a strong SEO game.


  1. I like the points you made about site speed and bounce rate. The longer they stay on the site, the better it is for your overall ranking.


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