Buying Guide For Colored Gemstones Engagement Ring


Adorned by the royals for many years, the colorful gemstone engagement rings are not a new trend for those who love class and style. It adds a pop of personality as well as color and looks attractive when compared to the traditional colorless diamond engagement rings. There are many who get the look with a blue, yellow or a pink diamond while there are many others who love colored gemstones for their engagement ring. When you incorporate a colored gemstone into the engagement ring, you can choose from a range of options to display the personality and style.

The obvious thing to love about the colored gemstone engagement ring is of course the color. You can choose from a range of rubies to sapphires and even a garnet. You can get a gem for any color you can imagine. You can also add more meaning to the engagement ring with a colored gemstone. You could include your partner’s birthstone with a diamond or include your birthstone in your ring. You need to pick colors which inspire you and can be associated with your personality. They are also an ideal way to add size to a ring. If price is your concern, you can look beyond the rubies and the sapphires towards gems that are lesser known but equally beautiful, you will find many which are affordable and less expensive. According to Gregory Jacobson with, colored gemstones are trending more and more even in engagement rings.

Types of gems for your engagement ring

  • One of the most favorite for a bride to be is a morganite engagement ring. Since pink is known as the color of romance, a morganite can range from pastel pink to a purplish or a yellowish pink and you can see similar hues in pink diamonds. You can get your hands on a large morganite for a small cost.
  • Blue zircon has a high dispersion and is most often mistaken for a blue diamond. However, the cost of even one cent of blue diamond might be prohibitive for a lot of buyers, but when it comes to blue zircon, a 3 or 4 carat engagement ring can be obtained for a much lower price.
  • The are two other gems tourmaline and spinel which have a wide range of color options as well as great value. They are available in colors which are similar to those of sapphire or ruby but you can purchase the best quality 5 carat tourmaline for less than a part of the cost of a 2 carat ruby, which means you get more bling for less bucks.
  • Another well known colored gemstone is a green garnet. It is a durable gemstone which is brighter than an emerald and it is less expensive than any of its counterparts.

There are a number of options available for you to choose from. All you need to do is find one which is ideal for daily wear and will set your heart aflame.

Qualities to look for in colored gemstone rings

 1. Durability

One of the top considerations when looking for a gemstone engagement ring is its durability. When you choose a gem, it should be able to withstand the bumps of daily usage including the impact of light, heat and household chemicals. All the different types of gemstones have different properties and different level of tolerance to the stressors. Hardness is another aspect to durability and it can be tested from level 1 to level 10. If you are looking for an engagement ring which is ideal for a lifetime of active wear, you should pick sapphire and ruby.

2. Toughness

Another factor is toughness which indicates how the gemstone resists chipping, breaking and cracking. The strength of the atoms of the gem determine its toughness and for daily wear, you need to pick gemstones which are tough and strong.

3. Stability

The stability of a gemstone refers to how it can withstand exposure to light, chemicals and the changes in humidity and temperature. Many gems are affected by extreme changes in the temperature and they sometimes crack or craze in low humidity or with exposure to heat. Heat and light can also affect gems like coral, pearls and amber. Hence, you need to pick a gemstone which is stable and has high resistance to household chemicals, heat and light.

4. Color

Colored gemstones are the opposite of colorless diamonds. The color is the king in this case and the quality is determined on the 4 Cs which include clarity, cut, color and carat. In this case, color is the most important factor because the distinction amongst gems can be based only on the color. It is ideal to maximize the size and the color to create a work of art.

5. Optical phenomena

There are colored gemstones which offer the possibility of a certain phenomena which is known as asterism or the cat’s eye effect and this is not seen in a diamond. This phenomena is caused by the reflection of light off the dense inclusions of minerals in the gems and they provide excellent design options for a ring.

6. Origin

There are some gems where the country of origin can play a major role to in determination of its value. For example, rubies are found in different countries and this has an impact on the price. A ruby from Myanmar is going to cost much more as compared to a ruby from another country like Mozambique. Hence, you need to find the origin of the gemstone before you spend your money on it.

7. Quality

Colored gemstones of high quality are very rare and buyers happily pay a premium for the best quality stones. If you have decided on the gemstone you want for your ring, you need to ensure that it is of the top quality and you can do this by comparing the same in different shops.

Setting styles for the engagement ring

You need to ensure that the engagement ring settings secure the gems they hold and also show them to their advantage. Settings like bezels and halos play a crucial role in preventing the cracking of colored gemstone. The setting of the engagement ring will define its style and look. They also allow you to introduce contrasts in terms of color and harmonize them to get the right amount of color pop in the engagement ring. Consider the below mentioned examples for the setting of the ring.

  • Choose a three stone engagement ring which will represent your yesterday, today and tomorrow and it will also proclaim that your love is eternal. The ring has stood the test of time and is worn since the 17th century. You can add color in it using rubies, sapphires, emeralds as well onyx to the platinum and diamonds.
  • Opt for a bypass ring which looks different and has color. It is a style where the band overlaps instead of completing the circle. These rings were popular in the Victorian era and the sentiment behind the same is a romantic cachet.

There are many other styles and patterns you can opt for. Jewelry designers are choosing contemporary and modern rings to create a classy colored gemstone ring. The modern updates to the ring adds color and life to a traditional engagement ring and you will also be able to find numerous creative interpretations of the same. If you are looking for something that is different yet attractive, opt for the colored gemstone engagement ring.


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