Safety Tips to Prevent Problems When Using Your Mobile Devices


Using your phone is inevitable since you need it for almost any transaction. You might not even go for an hour without checking your phone. With internet access available wherever you go, you have even more reasons to check your phone. Instead of entirely stopping yourself from using it, you can remember these tips to stay protected.

Set a time for using the phone

 If you check your iPhone, you get weekly information on how much time you spent using your phone. It is a good idea to know your average number of hours using the device, to set a limit. When you feel like you have already gone beyond the given time, you need to slow things down.

Don’t use the phone while walking or driving

 Doing these things are harmful. Several accidents have occurred on the roads because people were texting while driving or were wearing a headset when crossing the street. They did not know what was going on in the road and were hit as a result.

Buy anti-identity theft software

These days, identity theft is rampant because it is easy for people to conduct online transactions mindlessly. They shop online and even do banking online. Some people who are very smart in using modern technology could end up stealing your information and using it against you. Therefore, using software that prevents identity theft and notifies you if something unusual happens could help a lot.

Stick with reliable sites

You also need to open sites that are safe. When you receive warnings that the said site might contain malware and spyware, you need to get out of it right away. The good thing is that there are a lot of blockers available today so that viruses can’t penetrate your phone’s system.

Don’t rely heavily on your phone

It seems like these days phones can do anything. Before, you needed an actual map when driving. Today, it is easy to drive with the aid of your GPS. Before, you needed to find information in the library. Today, you can quickly look for information using search engines. The problem is that your phone could run out of battery or have no internet connection. If things fail, you might end up getting lost and confused. Therefore, you need to gradually try the old methods of doing things in the absence of a phone to help you survive.

Use EMF protection

You already know that phones emit radiation or electromagnetic fields. With excessive exposure, you could end up with illnesses related to radiation. The same thing can happen to your child. The good thing is you can now use EMF protective devices like the ones sold at You need them to protect yourself by blocking radiation before it enters your body. You can’t stop using your phone, but you can at least stop radiation from affecting you negatively.

With the help of these tips, you won’t worry about your safety and the safety of your children.


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