Puzzled to Escape Next Weekend?


Give your brain a treat!

Care about you health? Not big on exercising? Escape Rooms can help you to ease your mind with small breakthroughs of victory. A little enigma never done anyone any harm! Sharpen your memory by finishing your quest working with a team, which really helps to have a lot more fun to do than searching alone, because we all know TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK! Reward yourself by completing mysteries, and helping teammates exceed through challenges.


Give your life a break and meet new people widen your communication skills and get out there!

Never heard of an Escape Room

Usually you can look forward to brain tasers and countless puzzles, trapped in one room all together. From Zombies, Apocalypse,medieval, and futuristic themes and so much more, helping you to think outside the box and sharpen your attention to detail, and time. Be the spy or the profiler you’ve always wanted to be for a weekend.

Endless adventures at Locker Room Edmonton waiting to expand your mind with tons of enigma and laughter! Be the one to turn the key or finish the code and make it a victory.

Don’t have a clue where to start?

Locker Room Edmonton can help guide you to join in on the adventures!

Need to rest in between adventures?

live music, you wouldn’t want to miss out on a rock festival would you?

live shows, get a laugh in or maybe a breakthrough tear

shopping,take a piece of Locker Room at Edmonton back with you!

festival,feel like your home far from home and get lost in the crowd with family

visual arts Keep those creative juices flowing, drawing, video, sculpting, crafts, painting, photography and etc!

Are you the party pooper?

Escape rooms could really help change around that introverted mood, fun obstacles can help build relationships, and build your work performance, giving the confidence you might not always had. Make some quality time with family and friends to solve puzzles together, or maybe make it a competition with a few colleagues. Plenty of ways to get the blood flowing and the heart pumping. Ever heard of good stress??? Escape rooms could help get the oxygen rushing to the brain, leaving you energized and happy! Great stress relief to accomplish such tasks, but even if you don’t get to finish you’ll still feel like you’ve been rewarded by the laughter and bonds you created trying to escape the fun!

No excuse not to escape into an adventure

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