5 Reasons Why Renting a Car Makes Sense in Mumbai


Since the novel Coronavirus pandemic began, people have become sceptical towards using public transport altogether. It is because sharing space with strangers in close proximity is the most common way for the virus to spread. As everything is gradually reopening, you probably will feel uncomfortable travelling via buses, autos, private cab services, and local trains because of the potential risk involved.

What if you have to go to Churchgate from Andheri on some urgent business and you do not own a vehicle? There is one option that is left, which is also considered to be the safest in the current scenario – one day car rent in Mumbai.

In such cases, taking a full day car rental in Mumbai from Zoomcar makes perfect sense, as the brand has been taking steps to ensure safety for consumers, such as:

  • Thoroughly sanitizing every part of the car before it reaches the consumers.
  • Implementing keyless entry systems to minimize any sort of physical contact with the car keys.
  • Conducting employee training regarding safety norms and regulations to keep them and potential consumers safe.

Now, let’s look at some main reasons why you should rent a car in Mumbai given the current conditions:

1Enables Social Distancing

Social distancing is clearly the need of the hour currently and hiring cars in Mumbai for the weekend will allow you to travel within the city safely. It will also reduce any risk of virus transmission as you will not be interacting or sharing the air with other people. So if you do not own a vehicle, renting one is the safest option for you.

2Wide Range of Vehicles on Offer

When you are pondering about taking a car rental in Mumbai for the weekend, one fact is bound to get you excited. Nowadays, car rental services allow you to choose from a range of cars that meet your requirements. You can choose from the likes of hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, and luxury vehicles. If you want to cruise around South Mumbai, why not opt for a luxury car and if you are off to Lonavala for a drive, choose an SUV!

3Ease of Access

You never know when you might need a car for emergency purposes and if you do not have one, then renting a car is the best option. You can rent a car from Zoomcar in a short time frame without any troubles, all from the comfort of your house while keeping any risk of virus transmission at bay.


If you opt for a rented car with a driver, you never know how good or bad the driver will be. More often than not, the cab driver ends up driving rashly, thus putting your life in danger. Adding the current scenario to the picture, mingling with strangers is a strict no-no as a precaution against COVID-19. Hence, opting for self-drive car rentals in Mumbai is the safest bet for you.

5Rental Packages

Due to the current pandemic, the focus of people has somewhat shifted to spending money primarily on essentials and not on unnecessary and expensive purchases such as cars. It has given a boost to car rental companies who are now offering affordable and exciting packages to encourage people to rent cars instead. In fact, they now also offer monthly car rental Mumbai packages.  Another advantage of these rental packages is that they are devoid of maintenance and insurance expenses, which are additional expenses for you if you purchase a car.

Rent a Car and Stay Safe

If you have no choice but to step out for work or anything urgent during these COVID-19 times, you should take full precautions for the same. Avoid taking public transport at any costs, even if you do not own a car. This especially applies to the local trains as they are always crowded, which might increase your chances of contracting the virus. Instead, whenever you have to head out, you should think of taking a one day car rent in Mumbai package. Opting to rent a car for personal mobility purposes in these uncertain times will go a long way in keeping your loved ones and you safe from the virus.


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