How to Have a Clean Classroom and School: 5 of the Best Tips


Understanding how to keep classrooms clean is crucial if you want your students to be healthy.

The classroom can be one of the dirtiest areas of a school if you’re not taking the necessary precautions to clean it. While this may seem like a daunting task, all you need to do is implement basic cleaning procedures that should be practiced daily.

Most of the germs in a classroom come from students that aren’t washing their hands. Doing something as simple as offering hand sanitizer will eliminate most of the germs that are being spread. However, you’ll need to do several things if you want to maintain a clean classroom.

Here are 5 tips on how to have a clean classroom and school!

1Make Healthier Workstations

Although maintaining clean schools takes a lot of effort, one of the best ways to keep a clean classroom is to make healthier workstations. This consists of doing things like settings up desks in groups of three to four. You can then provide them with tissues and hand sanitizer to prevent students from spreading germs.

If your classroom has computers, you should put tissues and sanitizer by them because it’s much easier to spread germs as various students will be using them.

Depending on the size of your classroom, you may be able to separate the desks in a way that prevents students from being close to one another. This will prevent them from spreading germs, but it’d be harder to give them things like sanitizer. However, you can keep them on your desk and have the students use them as they need.

2Implement a Cleaning Period

If you’re in a school in which you see the same students for several hours a day, such as an elementary school, you can implement a period forĀ cleaning activities. During this time, you can have students organize their things and wipe down the desks.

This will not only help you keep the classroom clean, but it will give them a chance to breathe before learning more.

It’s best to implement a cleaning period after lunch because the students will most likely return to the class without washing their hands. If lunch takes place in the classroom, you’ll need to get rid of any crumbs and other leftovers.

You’ll need to provide your students with sanitizing wipes for surfaces and you should consider having a student sweep the floor.

The cleaning period shouldn’t take any longer than 10 minutes. If you can, try to implement another one at the end of the day so that the classroom is clean for the next day.

3Designate an Area for Eating and Drinking

Understanding how to keep classrooms clean isn’t as difficult as many people think. Providing that you’re implementing basic cleaning procedures, you’ll never have a problem with your classroom getting too dirty.

Should you allow students to eat in the classroom outside of lunchtime, try to designate an area for them to go to so that you can avoid getting food scattered throughout the room. It’s best to choose an area that’s away from other students so that they don’t get distracted from focusing on work.

You’ll want to include sanitizer and paper towels like you would with a workstation. You should also have the students clean up after themselves using the same methods that you use during the cleaning period.

Before having them sit at their regular desk for schoolwork, ensure that the area is clean. If students have a hard time cleaning up after themselves, you’ll need to consider taking away the privilege. However, offering incentives can encourage them to keep the area clean.

4Offer Rewards as Incentives

When you give a student an incentive, they’ll be more likely to do something. Whether you’re trying to get them to complete schoolwork or clean up after themselves, they’ll feel encouraged to do so if they know they can get a reward for it.

This will be crucial when you first start implementing hygienic practices in the classroom because most of the students won’t be accustomed to it. Eventually, they’ll get used to it and cleaning will become a regular part of their daily routine.

5Hire a Cleaning Service

If you’re looking to have the cleanest classroom, you should consider hiring a cleaning service. Professional cleaning for schools and daycare allows teachers to focus on education instead of hygiene. All schools have a janitor, but only those that care the most about keeping children safe in the classroom hire a cleaning service.

With a cleaning service, you can expect all of your surfaces to be spotless. They’ll use high-quality cleaning products to get rid of stains, pick up crumbs, and eliminate germs throughout the entire classroom.

You can decide how often you’d like the cleaning service to take care of your classroom, but it’s best to have them clean everything at least once a week. Throughout the rest of the week, you should continue using the other cleaning procedures to be the most effective.

Start Maintaining a Clean Classroom Today

After reading this article, you can start implementing several strategies to maintain a clean classroom. You should start by thoroughly cleaning the entire classroom as soon as possible. This will eliminate most of the germs and give you a chance to start fresh.

From there, you can implement the strategies in this article to keep the classroom clean. Keep in mind that you’ll need to hire a cleaning service if you want your classroom to be as clean as it can be. However, your classroom will be fine providing you have students clean up after themselves.

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