5 Benefits to install a new SUV Tyre


Since SUVs are bulkier than conventional vehicles, the tires are also different in terms of cost, durability, performance and other factors. The cost of installing a new SUV tire is minimal as compared to the benefits they bring. Being the only contact medium between the road and the vehicle, you need being extra careful especially when it comes to replacement. All said; here’re a few advantages of installing new tires.

  1. Safety

With every new SUV tire comes a cushion of safety for approximately 65,000 to 100,000 miles of vehicle’s life depending on the tread-wear rating that is! At the same time, newer tires increase functional maneuverability of the vehicle such as optimized braking, acceleration and turn aspects. For more or less $400 after every seven years, you can easily purchase new tires which are a small premium to bigger cause such as personal and other passenger safety along with smooth driving experience.

  1. Increased performance

The distance covered by the car on imminent stop or perhaps taking a sharp turn when driving speedily depends on a quality of SUV tire. They would determine power and pressure you exert on the engine and overall vehicle as well as whether you can brake fast enough without losing control of the car.

Nowadays, more and more tires are performance-oriented, eco-friendly and especially produced from stickier compounds with aggressive or jagged tread designs for better road traction or grip. Be sure choosing a tire that performs accordingly to the driving habit and vehicle’s specifications.

  1. Better mileage

Overall condition of the tires drastically impacts the fuel/gas mileage. In case your existing wheels are worn out with uneven treads, mileage would suffer due to power and pressure exertion to skim the vehicle smoothly.

For best results, tires must be properly mounted, balanced and inflated with desired pressure limit. Each time when replacing worn-out tires, have the vehicle inspected and aligned by a professional mechanic. This would ensure the new SUV tire isn’t worn prematurely returning best possible mileage.

  1. Enhanced traction/road grip

The composition of the tires, compound and tread life are factors that impact on driving performance on different roads and weather conditions such as snow, rain, dirt and mud so on. Softer tires having bulkier or stuffy tread patterns are excellent for skimming smoothly on snow and mud, however, impacts pessimistically on mileage and driving performance. The best way to avoid this situation is purchasing tires according to vehicle’s recommendation and manufacturer’s instructions.

If you live in a region where all four seasons can be enjoyed, having two different SUV tire sets is important thereby guaranteeing safety and efficiency in varying weather conditions. When residing in a hot, rainy and damp environment, performance tires with softer water tread are more beneficial for improved traction. In short, do some research before buying a pair!

  1. Better driving experience all through

All the above factors sum up to give the best or worse driving experience; depending on your selection of the tires! New tires are less noisy as compared to worn out pair which is important for a peaceful and safe drive.


Be sure following the above guidelines when buying SUV tire with all the undeniable benefits listed above.


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