5 Best Luxury Cars in 2020


Elegance. Charm. Style. Luxury cars brands manifest all those, and much more. If you have been considering the purchase of a new car, it is about time to look into luxury cars for the new year 2020. The list is full of exciting and spacious cars whose electronics have been advanced into another level of mastery. Their combination of the most advanced technology, a perfectionist design and refinement transform driving into a new experience. Find out more about the best 5 luxury cars for 2020 in this article and choose the one that is made perfectly for you.


This magnificent classy car by BMW is everything you need. Mysteriously black, the spacious car has 5 available seats and guarantees German quality. It has 300 horsepower and goes 24 highway miles per gallon. It is a powerful beautiful car with visible craft man ship. If you have any doubts, you can try bmw rental nyc and test the car on your own. Either BMW NYC, Miami or Boston rental places will provide you with a car of the uncompromising luxury and quality to take it on your trip and tests out all of its qualities.

The features of X5 are premium leather interior, heated seats and 4-wheel-drive. While driving this luxury charming car, you can enjoy music to its maximum because of premier sound system. The car has also a power panorama roof and voice-activated navigation system. It is almost impossible to get lost with this car. It will drive you anywhere with all its charm and elegance you can imagine.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Another luxury car is Mercedes-Benz S-Class. This car has no modest ambitions. It aims right at the elite of the best cars on the market. You can choose between a petrol or diesel engine. It has an advanced 48v hybrid electric power train technology that improves the performance and efficiency.

It is perfect both for the town and countryside. The car is spacious and elegant. The interior is comfortable with the newest technology to comfort you on both short and long drives.

Audi A6

Audi is a synonym for luxury. Audi hybrid A6 is a luxurious and charming car with many features that will make you consider this one over the others. It is spacious with seats up to five people. Its truck is 14.1 cubic feet which is a lot even for a larger family.

It has a predictive assistant that processes information to make you avoid traffic events and offer you the best navigation possible. Besides, the car also includes camera sensors and radar. It is possible to connect with the car through your phone by using app My Audi and set up pre-entry climate control. Either chill the air down or warm the car up, it can be always ready for you to get on. With all this, Audi A6 drives almost by itself.

Tesla Model S

An electric representative in this group is Tesla’s. Model S has four battery options and the range is claimed to be 393 miles with 199kWh pack. With these numbers, Tesla Model S is the longer-range electric car available ever. However, this is not the only benefit. Model S is spacious, calm and luxury car that drives quietly and has a comfortable interior as well as beautiful design.

By choosing this care, you compromise both environmental and financial aspects since the price seems also reasonable for the car’s benefits.

Range Rover

This spacious car has undergone a huge revolution and is better than ever. The interior is comfortable and excellent since the driving position is high and the driver’s position provides with a perfect overview from the car.  Although the car is large, it is easy and comfortable to drive. If you are a driver who likes adventure and wants to take their car on trips and hikes, Range Rover is a perfect choice. The car is heavy, therefore, is perfect for more difficult terrains as it has a broad ability in many areas.

Apart of its breadth of ability, Range Rover’s modern and elegant design does not stay behind. The car looks luxury and elegant both, while being driven in town or wild nature.


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