Calculator and What Affects Car Shipping Cost?


Regardless if you decide to transport your car for 100 miles or 1,500 miles, you may be looking for an affordable company that can help you with these tasks. Rather than letting wear-and-tear take over on your vehicle, getting tired with the far-away journey, and putting additional mileage, you might be better off with a transport carrier that can also get your automobile from point A to B.

However, it’s natural to know more about the costs since relocation is already an expensive endeavor. When you want to see what affects the overall price, there are calculators provided by shipping companies that will give you an idea of what the costs constitute. If you want to get accurate figures, here’s some information that you need to key in.

Determining What You’re Paying

Distance Can Affect the Costs Greatly

Short-distance shipment is defined to be 300 miles, or less and long distances are more than 500 miles. The primary difference between the two is money, where the shorter lengths will be more cost-effective. However, you might find companies that will charge less per mile because haulers are able to carry more automobiles in the process.

Quicker deliveries are often the case with shorter routes and smaller trailers where the weather is going to be more predictable, as well as the roads. They follow the same schedule, where they pick up some of the cars on Monday, drop-off to the ports by Wednesday, and by Friday, they should be able to get home and start the week again. 

Planning ahead should be part of your preparations, and some shipments may not get booked when the drivers have already left when you’ve waited until the last minute to book. Cheaper costs may not justify the shorter distances for others though, so they are better off driving the car themselves when this is the case.

Size and Weight of the Car

Freight carriers are limited to a certain weight limit during their trips, and there are restrictions. Exact weights can be calculated through a scale, and include fuel levels during transport. Provide the company with detailed dimensions and remove personal belongings from the interior whenever necessary.

Before you sign the agreement with a company or a broker, you need to know the allowed weight to prevent instances of accidents, fines, or additional costs during the voyage. Get in touch with providers like those of Roadrunner car shipping cost calculator for more transparency. This way, you know the fair market prices and smell offers that may be too good to be true.

Condition of the Car

Reports can include the Bill of Lading, a receipt that will tell the shipment company about the current condition of your vehicle. They are completed digitally, and carriers are required to inspect everything before the transit. This is going to show any scratches and broken glass which is very helpful in situations where a buyer is purchasing a second-hand classic. If the picture shows that the damage was present before the shipment, the carriers are not going to be held responsible for it.

It saves money and time for all parties involved, and the BOL is going to serve as the driver’s documents. For those who don’t have any warranties for their purchases, these helpful documents are going to serve as the inspection and assessment done to the car that will show its current condition.

Mechanical details will show which parts suffered wear-and-tear, dents, and other specifications. While evaluation of the history of the automobile will commonly include its title status, odometer reports, and the amount of mileage it has. If there are accident histories, they will also be included in the BOL. Those that were reconstructed, salvaged, or cleaned will also be recorded on the title for easier identification.

Pick-up and Delivery Options

Size and Weight of the Car

Full services will include enclosed trailers that will cost around $1,600 to $2,000 if you want to transport it from one coast to another. Exclusive companies usually do this, but it might be challenging to get a spot. Open transports are cheaper, and you will almost always get a schedule within the day. Expect to spend around $1,000 to $1400 depending on the factors mentioned above, and this can be a great option for owners of luxury or vintage vehicles that you can find out more at this.

Drivers are then going to pick up the vehicle at your doorstep, and their delivery will be on-time. If the services fail to arrive at the destination on the agreed date, rebates are going to be applied towards the fees, and some amount will be deducted from the overall costs every day that the shipment is late.

Consumers who are not in a hurry may choose the economy option where there’s no rush, everything is slower, and you’ll have to take advantage of the other shippers who will share the costs with you. It could take several weeks, but this is a great option for those who want to relocate multiple vehicles at the same time. 


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