Top 6 Reasons Why an ITIL 4 Certification is Important


ITIL 4 offers organizations a set of guidelines rather than rules that they might choose to, or choose not to follow. Even if there is an implementation, the organization is free to change and optimize the base criteria for an even better outcome.

With more and more IT companies being drawn into the 4th industrial revolution or industry 4.0, it has become imperative to come up with a rare breed of professionals who can work on ITSM tools and frameworks. If you are an IT professional in the 21st century and looking to skill up to improve employability, then an ITIL 4 Foundation certification is right up your alley. However, it’s not just the ITIL 4 foundation training that will propel your career to the next level. While doing the training there are certain skills that you will pick up making the whole thing worth it.

Here we look at 6 ways how an ITIL 4 Foundation certification will change your professional life

1. Upskill yourself

A sound knowledge across all the modules and nuances of ITSM, including its practices and policies, will help you future-proof yourself. A robust ITIL 4 foundation training will ensure that you become more flexible in your thought methodology and can adapt quickly to rapidly changing business atmospheres. This upskilling will not just serve useful while appearing for positions where ITIL 4 expertise is needed, but due to the agile methodologies imbibed into the guidelines, it can truly change how an organization functions.

2. Choose your own specialization

Due to the major up-skilling of your abilities, you will become adaptable in such a manner that you will be able to cherry-pick positions in an IT firm. The knowledge of ITSM methodologies, especially the ITIL 4 version, will enable you to understand, deploy, and optimize changes across the entire software life cycle including database management, software testing, hardware, etc. This freedom to choose will come in handy while attempting to improve processes in a 360-degree manner.

3. Get access to the global market

Not just the domestic job market, but the global need for professionals who have undergone an ITIL 4 foundation certification has also gone up. This training and certification are recognized globally including the US, UK, Europe, and Sweden among other major economies. With an international position, not only will you add a certain amount of heft into your CV, but will also be open to a substantial pay raise. In fact, according to a study conducted by,  the average pay for an ITIL 4 certified individual is around USD 76k.

4. Discover new career paths for yourself

The fact that IT consultancy is very lucrative is no secret. ITIL 4 has multiple levels of mastery, and if you qualify and obtain the Practitioner or the Masters level certification, then you have truly made the grain. With this, you can start your own consultancy firm or begin offering your services on a freelance basis. With so many IT firms and start-ups coming up, this space is only set to become larger.

5. Be subject to faster promotions

If you finally decide in obtaining an ITIL 4 Foundation training, then your prestige in the organization is sure to enjoy a major boost. With a unique skill set, you will be able to think outside the box and come up with solutions that your peers will not. This upper hand is gained mainly through the training process that gives you ways to think around the problem. If you are lucky then this will lead to you climbing the corporate ladder and help you in imbibing changes across the organization.

6. It’s a fantastic investment option

Companies are always looking to cut costs, and get more for less. If an organization has to invest in getting their employees trained with an ITIL 4 Foundation certification, then the cost to the company shoots up. The number of resources it has to invest to get this going will not prove useful in the end. However, if you are already certified, and are either intermediate or expert level, then a company will be more than happy to on board you quickly. This is so you can start transformations resulting in profit without the company having to invest a single penny. It will do everything in its power to leverage your expertise across the organization leading to ample professional growth for yourself.

There you have it! The top 6 reasons behind going for an ITIL 4 foundation training. Overall, it’s a great investment and sets you up for a great career across all aspects of the IT industry.


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