How to Choose the Best IAS Coaching in Delhi?


The Indian youths often find themselves greatly perplexed while looking for the best IAS coaching in Delhi. A great majority of the IAS aspirants visit Delhi, every year, from the entire India in order to prepare for the IAS Exam. The UPSC CSE syllabus is an exceptionally detailed one. Besides, the competition to clear the Exam and be among the topmost of the rank holders is a great Herculean task in itself.

No wonder, an IAS aspirant needs to be guided in the best possible manner. It rightly implies that he should choose the best IAS coaching in Delhi.

What should you consider to choose the best IAS Academy in Delhi?

Given the vast UPSC exam syllabus and exceptionally tough competition to join IAS, it’s understood that any XYZ IAS coaching institution is not going to serve your purpose. Clearing the IAS Exam is not a joke. Besides, if you want to clear the Exam in the first attempt itself, you need a 100% flawless guidance. And even clearing the Civil Services Exam with not so good a rank is also not going to serve your purpose if you are keen on joining IAS. UPSC allows only the highest of the rank holders to join the Indian Administrative Services.

It’s only the right kind of guidance at a well chosen IAS coaching academy that can guide you in a manner that you can both clear the IAS Exam as well as score high enough to join IAS in the first attempt itself. Here are a few considerations that may help you choose the best IAS coaching in Delhi.

1. Study Material

Though attending the sessions at the IAS coaching institution helps definitely, self study plays an important role in your preparation for the Exam. Thus, study material is extremely important for an IAS aspirant.

The study material should be designed in a manner that it covers all that UPSC syllabus prescribes for the Civil Services Exam. However, there should be no diversions of any kind even in the least. Time management is highly important. And you definitely will not be having any time at all to pamper yourself with the luxury of a diversion.

2. Test Series

Though gaining the knowledge is good, what actually counts is how you can make use of the knowledge while facing the Civil Services Exam. Solving the competently designed Test Series in the time span and environment as endorsed by UPSC for the CSE will provide you with a knack of recalling the information and answering the question paper in a confident manner.

3. Faculty

The faculty members, apart from being masters of their subjects, should be great experts concerning the teaching methodologies. They should be able to impart the required knowledge to the students as per the requirements of the UPSC syllabus for the CSE.

4. Query Solving

Teaching in itself is an exercise that requires great expertise. However, not much is gained by a student if all of his queries are not solved in a satisfactory manner. The faculty members should not only be accessible to the students for solving their queries, but should be well versed with how to simplify even the most of the complex concepts when they are requested by the students to solve their queries.

5. Mentorship

At times, some of the students might not get all their queries solved in the usual query solving sessions. They might be facing some of the complex issues that should be simplified so that they may prepare for the IAS Exam in a successful manner. And the problems that might be unique to an IAS aspirant can be taken care of individually by a mentor.

6. Interaction with the successful candidates

The IAS coaching that you choose to join should allow you to interact with the successful candidates of the institution who have been able to clear the Civil Services Exam and have been functioning as successful IAS officers. It not only motivates and enhances your confidence, but also helps you understand in what manner the coaching institution that you have joined can help you shape your career.

7. Mock Interviews

Interview is the last stage of the Civil Services Exam. And it’s mandatory for all the candidates to clear all the three stages of the CSE before they are declared successful by UPSC. The IAS coaching institution that you join should conduct Mock Interview Sessions to provide the students with a fair idea of the manner UPSC conducts the Interview aka the Personality Test.

8. The Medium of coaching

Though the considerations to be made (as described above) for choosing the best IAS coaching in Delhi might be helpful to a great extent, you might be having some requirements of your own. For example, you might feel more comfortable while being coached in Hindi medium.

9. Location of the coaching institution

Also, there might be an excellent IAS coaching institution in close proximity to where you choose to reside in Delhi. Thus, opting for the institution would save a lot of your time that might be wasted otherwise if you opt for an institute at a great distance.

10. Do not get influenced by the peer pressure

Besides, it’s your life and your career. Though it’s good to consult your friends, but it definitely does not imply, by any means that you must join the same IAS coaching that your friends do, that is to say, if, they too, are IAS aspirants.

Finally, in case, you have any considerations, to be made, apart from what has been described above, consider all the requirements thoroughly before you get yourself enrolled in an IAS coaching institution. It should not be forgotten that a well chosen IAS coaching academy may play a decisive role in equipping you well to clear the Civil Services Exam in the very first of the attempts. Besides, it can also coach you well enough so that your score is high enough for UPSC to ask you to join IAS, your favourite cadre! So, consider everything, ignore nothing, choose the best, compete in the best manner, and beat all the competition aside. And all this is easy said than done. So, choose the best IAS academy, so that you join the best, i.e., IAS.


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