6 Reasons to Invest In the Tesla Powerwall


Tesla’s Powerwall is a lithium-ion battery that can be coupled with solar systems or power grids to store excessive energy. It is suitable for residential and small scale commercial applications. It can be connected to electrical systems and used as a grid backup to ease power shortages, which may cause economic losses, especially in developing countries. This is why companies like Gold coast company prefer using it in their real estate developments.

The Tesla Powerwall works hand in hand with solar panels. When the sun hits the solar panels during the daytime, excess solar energy charges the Powerwall, which then stores it. Before the Powerwall, individuals using solar energy would still experience blackouts because they did not have storage units for the solar panels’ excess energy. However, the Powerwall has changed all this offering to store the excess energy until it is ready for use.

Here are six reasons why the Tesla Powerwall is a worthy investment:

1Clean energy.

The Powerwall offers clean energy. The solar energy stored in the battery offers emission-free electricity, which helps reduce pollution by relying less on fossil fuels. This, in turn, reduces your carbon footprint. The future vision seems to significant on clean, renewable sources of energy and thus reduce global warming for a more sustainable planet. More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of clean energy, seeing that solar panels’ prices have dropped 75 percent in the last five years alone.

2It has your back.

Tesla Powerwall offers backup solutions during power outages by powering homes through blackouts, especially during severe weather, which is the leading cause for most power cuts. Tesla Powerwall comes with a feature called Storm Watch, which can be enabled, and the Powerwall prioritizes charging in preparation for the anticipated severe weather. How may you ask? Powerwall communicates with the National Weather Service about any incoming weather conditions and automatically activates Storm Watch when severe weather is in the forecast keeping you out of the dark.

3Reduces overdependence on-grid power

The Tesla Powerwall helps in reducing overdependence on electrical power grids. It features self-consumption of solar energy and recharges using solar energy by storing the excess of it. Although it is limited to using only solar energy, it can also be charged by power grids. This means that you can have electricity at your disposal at any given time, reducing over-reliance on the grid. This guarantees that your appliances will keep running, especially during outages. Worrying about having no power or being on edge because of a power cut will be a thing of the past with the Tesla Power wall.

4Personalization according to your levels of consumption.

The Powerwall is recommended for use in households or small commercial enterprises. It is fully customizable, which makes using it a walk in the park using the Tesla App on your phone or tablet. Depending on your energy needs and consumption levels, you can set it to match your preferences, that is, how much energy has been saved and keep track of how much energy is being consumed. All this information is conveyed in real-time. Monitoring your energy consumption can help you manage your energy resources better.

5Long term cost efficiency.

The Tesla Powerwall is assured of saving you money. It works by storing energy and using it when a power outage occurs or during the night when the solar panels are no longer powered by the sun. The Powerwall proves cost efficiency in the long run because it features a technique that draws power from utility grids. It also charges itself when the electricity rates are low and dispenses the stored electrical energy when the electricity costs are high, especially during the peak hours at night. This, in turn, reduces the electricity bills that have seen a steady increase in the last ten years.

6All automated.

With the Tesla Powerwall, everything is done automatically. When a power outage occurs, your power is immediately cut off. This is where the Powerwall comes in to restore your power supply. The process is almost instant. You may not notice that power has gone out. It uses the energy that was stored up and kept running on that as a power source. Unlike the traditional generator, which requires constant attention by adding fuel or getting up to turn it on, the Powerwall is completely automatic. The Tesla Powerwall can run for a whole week depending on the size of a house and its energy needs.


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