5 Best Places to Visit in North Cyprus Land


Hundreds of people visit North Cyprus land every year. This is the land of beauty offering different types of places and food to the people. There are a lot of beaches, hotels, mosques and historic places that people can visit to enjoy their vacations. If we talk about safety, this is the land with a friendly and safe environment for both locals and foreigners. Women and children can visit any place without any fear of robbery or crime.

Most of you would be planning to visit North Cyprus but couldn’t decide where to go. Well, let’s have a fine look at some of the best places to visit in North Cyprus.


You can’t ignore the capital of North Cyprus when it comes to visiting beautiful places. Basically, Nicosia is divided into southern and northern parts of Cyprus. Northern Cyprus is part of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. There are museums in this city to grab the attention of tourists from all around the World. If you love bikes, this city has a bike museum equipped with an extra-ordinary and classic collection of almost 150 bikes. In case you are looking for staying in Nicosia to cherish the city’s beauty, you’d have to rent a house as there are many people who put their house for rent in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Old Venetian walls of the 16th century covered around Faneromeni Church built in the 19th century. Shops, cafes, churches, mosques, and many other public spots can be visited in the capital of North Cyprus Land.


Famagusta is a city that consists of Mosques, ancient walls, museums, and much more. If you love to visit historic places to visit then Famagusta would be a great city to explore different ancient places. Venetian walls, St. Barnabas Monastery, Lal Pasha Mustafa Mosque, Archaeology Museum, and dozen other places will grab your attention to spend quality time over here.

3Kyrenia Castle

This castle is old enough to attract all history students and those who love to visit such places. This castle was built in the 16th century by Venetians, this castle is like the center of attraction in whole North Cyprus. There is a shipwreck museum in this castle showcasing a wrecked ship that was sailing towards Cyprus but got wrecked by the storm. From walls to ships, almost everything in this castle tells about the history of that region. Many of you should definitely buy or rent a property in North Cyprus to cherish the exciting places of this city Kyrenia.

4Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach as the name is telling itself. This beach is all about turtles where almost 300 turtles live in the nests. These turtles keep their eggs, produce turtle babies, and this whole process happens between July and May. You would not see any clubs or restaurants on this beach because this place is particularly dedicated to turtles. You would be not allowed to visit this beach at night because of the nests of turtles. So, this is another spot to enjoy and relax in Kyrenia.

5Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque

Lala Mustafa Pasha mosque is one of the oldest mosques in the Famagusta of North Cyprus. This mosque was first cathedra but then it was converted into the mosque at the time when the Ottoman Empire got hold of Famagusta in 1951. Since then, this mosque holds the history of being one of the biggest and old mosques of North Cyprus Land.


We have discussed the top 5 places to visit in North Cyprus but there are many other places as well. Each place holds some history and value from the past, so this land is perfect for all of the locals and tourists who take an interest in history.  On a short note, almost every place is worth visiting when it comes to North Cyprus. Beautiful destinations, peace, low crime rate, and many other attractions make North Cyprus the ideal to visit. Hopefully, you’ll love spending your time in these places whenever you visit north Cyprus.


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