Online Resources to study for ACCA certification


Founded in 1904, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the global professional accounting body offering the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification. The ACCA is a professional qualification which gives you the edge to stand out from the crowd. One can begin the course after finishing their Bachelor’s in accounting. It is a truly global Chartered Accountancy qualification or a certification.

As mentioned ACCA certification is a rather difficult course to study for. It requires a lot of patience, determination, hard work and perseverance. So, we are here today to discuss the online resources and guides which can help you to crack the ACCA certification.

But, first let us understand why studying ACCA certification online is beneficial:

Save time and money

When you study for your ACCA qualification online you will find that it is much more convenient and cost-efficient. You no longer have to reschedule your personal commitments around your courses, and you’ll save money on exorbitant classroom fees. One can study ACCA in their own pace and spend more time on topics which are difficult.


The opportunity to study in your pace and schedule you can enjoy a hassle-free experience. Once you have complete control over the learning environment and you can gain the freedom to study whenever you choose. The professionals can acquire management and business skills by studying ACCA online.


Studying ACCA online is an innovative experience. The student can get a lot of course material from HD video lectures, participating in online discussion forums, live chat with tutors, and access a wide range of video tutorials and electronic course materials.


When you study your ACCA qualification online, the student will get expert advice from counsellors and knowledgeable mentors. One can get personalized feedback to identify your strengths and weaknesses and you can rework with your strategy.

With such advantages for studying ACCA certifications, let us look for the online resources one can study from:

1. Open tuition

It is an institution where professionals can register freely from Open tuition. Once you register, download the free material. Watch free lectures from world-renowned experts and attempt free online tests. Post questions on the online forum and make the teachers and students answer. Also, get a discount on their really smacking exam kit.

2. First tuition

An approved learning centre with a platinum rating. They provide online and offline classes. There are classes on the weekends as well. They are present all over worldwide. They provide classes at the ACCA skills level, ACCA professional level, and ACCA knowledge level.

3. Edology

It is an ACCA coaching institution trusted by the BIG 4 accounting firms and you can study with people from 150 countries and post different doubts and gain a global experience while learning ACCA certification. This online course has ACCA live online course classes from London School of Business and Finance to provide students all over the world to benefit from an on-campus learning experience but with all the benefits and flexibility of online studying. Edology comes from the house of London School of Business and Finance where experts in accounts and management are umpteen. It is an online place where knowledge is accessible easily. Though it is not free, a certain course fee has to be paid to access all the material online.

4. Kaplan

Another online ACCA certification coaching class where they guarantee to bring the LIVE ONLINE class to you. The professional gets to experience fully interactive live lectures delivered by Kaplan internationally qualified expert lecturers. The online class covers the exact same material and syllabus like the traditional set up would have. The class sizes are small with an average of 20 per batch. You can ask the lecturer any valid doubts at any point in the class. Since all the lectures are recorded, so the professional can at any point go back and recapitulate the basics. There are additional video lectures to help the professional cover any difficult ACCA syllabus if needed. There is a team of expert support tutors that is available 7 days a week to answer questions and give feedback on one’s work. One can contact them via discussion forums, live chat for an instant response or send them an email. This course also has a certain fee to pay in order to enroll.

Hence these are the list of the best online resources to study for ACCA certification. So, buck up and enroll in order to ace through your ACCA certification.


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